Money Horoscope for leo
There is a mix of the expected and the unexpected on the financial front this month and fortunately, in both cases, this is good news. The Expected is that the Sun's return to your financial sector on 19th February will turn the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters, for this happens at the same time every year. This is the point in any year where there is a chance to get on top of money matters, take care of any financial housekeeping and in general get your financial ducks in a row. Here the focus is on your financial situation and money matters as a whole, especially in terms of what you do with and how you manage the money you have. The unexpected is to not only find Venus, the planet of money already here but getting ready to leave. Venus will normally return while the Sun is here and but this year she returned over a month before the solar spotlight moves onto your financial situation and money matters and will be long gone by the time you need to take care of any financial housekeeping. Because Venus won't spend any time here with the Sun and his need for reality checks, she is instead spending the majority of her time alone with dreamy Neptune. By the time Mercury returns on 4th February with the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game, Venus and Neptune will have already spent weeks on your financial wish list. Venus has been free to focus on the 'what', knowing that the Sun and Mercury will focus on the 'when, where and how'. It is here that Mercury will make his first retrograde turn of 2020, with a retrograde turn on 17th February offering a chance to return to the drawing board, ahead of the Sun's return two days later. The Moon's visit from 23rd February to 26th February will create a New Moon on 24th February. In the meantime, with no planetary activity in your income sector, the Moon will work to make its visit from 10th February to 12th February as lucrative as possible.
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