Money Horoscope for leo
To begin with, it is business as usual on the financial front this year, which means no planetary activity in your income sector but dreamy Neptune continuing to fuel your financial dreams from his position in your financial sector. In your financial sector since 2012 but with a lot of support in the final months of 2019 and especially from the North Node in an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart, this has encouraged you to pour even more resources into your financial dreams. With the Sun not returning to your financial sector until February, it is not until then the money gods ask you to keep real and to perfect the kind of financial housekeeping that allow you to keep your feet on the ground. Instead, events mid month could see things go in a completely different direction, adding even more to fuel your financial dreams and to a tendency to look at money matters through rose coloured glasses. The first event is the Moon's first visit to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart for the year from 9th January to 12th January, something that because of a friendly aspect to Neptune will always fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination.
It is the lunar eclipse this will create that may really fire up your financial imagination and dreams even more than it usually would. The second event happens just days later when Venus, the planet of money returns to your financial sector. Returning well over a month before the Sun is due to turn the solar spotlight onto your financial situation and money matters, Venus will have been and gone before there is any call to keep it real. This is when Venus' mission to update your financial desires and expectations will merge with Neptune's mission to fuel your financial dreams. It is when the Sun and Mercury return next month that the focus will shift to getting your head in the game, feet on the ground, eyes open and head out of the sand. Meanwhile, look out for income developments around 14th January to 16th January.
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