Money Horoscope for leo
There are two significant developments on the income and financial fronts this month, each at different ends of the month. The first is the asteroid Juno's departure from your income sector on 4th November, finally bringing three months of planetary activity to a close. In that time the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars have all moved through, all creating momentum and untapped income potential that you are yet to fully exploit. While only an asteroid, as the queen of commitment Juno has stayed on to help you cement a sense of resolve and commitment to seeing things through. With things poised to take off on the job front from later this month, this is a chance to set some resolutions. In the meantime, while Juno was no longer in a position where she could put any pressure on Neptune in your financial sector, the fact that she is gone means the money gods can shift all their focus onto the financial side of the fence. This ends a need to be mindful of a balance between money coming in and money going out, while still giving you access to untapped income potential. Your financial sector is more focused on what you do with the money you have and slowing down ahead of his direct turn on 28th November, dreamy Neptune is giving you a chance to revisit old financial dreams. Neptune is well supported all month and while you will need to take care of the more mundane job of keeping money matters on track, his focus is on fuelling your financial confidence and imagination. It is not Neptune's job to keep it real. You will have a chance to take a more objective look at money matters when the Moon moves through your financial sector from 6th November to 8th November. In the meantime, moving through your income sector from 20th November to 22nd November, the Moon will ensure your nose for money is sharp when Venus returns to begin steering work and job matters in a lucrative direction, on 26th November.