monthly Money Horoscope for leo

On both sides of the financial fence, it is business as usual but there is also change in the air, with one providing stability and the other something to be excited about. On the income side of the financial fence, you have a continuation of the last few months and while the Sun and Venus, the planet of money both left your income sector last month, Mercury retrograded back in to take over from where both he and they left off. Venus only left on 29th September so there is not only a lot of confidence and expectation as you move into the new month but a lot of untapped income potential. Mercury begins the month in retrograde motion so the brakes are on but once he turns direct on 2nd October there will be nothing holding things back. This is not unexpected for this time of year and the money gods are often tying up loose ends on the income front as you move into October. At the same time, as has been the case for several months now, you begin the month with the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment and dreamy Neptune in retrograde motion in your financial sector, where they are working as a team to keep the resolve to turn old financial dreams into reality alive. On both sides of the financial fence, this is a continuation of last month and therefore, business as usual except not quite. The variation from the normal pattern began on 29th September, with the dwarf planet Ceres returning to begin her first deep dive into your income needs and priorities in four years on the same day that Venus left. This will continue through to December and then will pick up again from March to June 2023, making this a long term process. It is almost a month later that Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will return to your financial sector on 28th October. Five months after leaving, Jupiter will return to support Juno and Neptune in their mission to turn old financial dreams into reality.
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