Money Horoscope for gemini
While you began the year with six planets in your financial sector and are now down to four, there is one more departure before the planets here for most if not all of 2020 take over. The last of the faster planets to leave is Ceres, with this dwarf planet having a big job to do before leaving on Friday. With lucky Jupiter making his first visit to your financial sector in over a decade and meeting up with Saturn and Pluto here for the first time in our lifetime, there is not only the potential for financial growth this year but to take your financial power back. What makes Ceres, who returned in November for the first time in four years such an important player, is her ability to look past the money. Ceres knows that money is simply a means to an end and her job is to define your real financial needs and priorities. In any year that would be an advantage but especially this year.
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