Money Horoscope for gemini

The Moon makes a timely return to your income sector this week and there are several reasons why that is. The first is that by moving through from Tuesday to Thursday this will ensure your nose for money is sharp during the middle of the working week, something that would always be an advantage. However, even more so when this is no ordinary week but the Sun's first full week in your work sector. As the Moon moves through, as well as forming a friendly aspect to the Sun, as it does every month it will form a friendly aspect to Neptune in your career sector. This will make the middle days of the working week the most positive of the month across the income, work and career fronts. However, there is another reason why the Moon's return is timely, with a chance to put the focus on the income side of the financial fence before Venus' return to your financial sector next week shifts the focus onto the other side.
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