Money Horoscope for gemini
On the other side of some of the most challenging months of this financial year, we would all have settled for a continued drop off in tension between income and money matters. However, the universe operates on the principle of balance and to that end, if you are going to have some of the most challenging months of any financial year, then to balance this out you have to have some of the best. What made June and July the most challenging months of this financial year was the fact that as the faster moving planets moved through your income sector, they moved into opposition with Saturn and Pluto, in retrograde motion in your financial sector. In addition, July hosted both a total solar eclipse in your income sector and then just two weeks later, a lunar eclipse in your financial sector, increasing the intensity. At the very least the Sun, Venus and Mercury move through your income sector once a year, always in June and July. However this year, as well as having the lunar nodes in your two money houses, you have Saturn making his first visit to your financial sector in three decades, Mars making his first visit to your income sector in two years and Juno her first in four years. In short, there were a lot more planets involved on both sides, increasing the potential for oppositions and the financial tension they create. Mercury's departure from your income sector last month brought all planetary activity on the income front to a close, but since then the North Node has strengthened its bond with Neptune on the job front, while new developments on the career front later this month and into the coming months will strengthen that further. At the same time, those same planets that were putting pressure on Saturn and Pluto in your financial sector over recent months, are all at a friendly aspect this month, helping to boost your financial confidence.