Money Horoscope for gemini
While the Sun won't return to your income sector until later next month, it is possible to have Venus or Mercury return in the latter part of May, making it conceivable that there could be some movement on the income front this month. Instead, you don't have to wait thanks to Mars' return to your income sector on 23rd April. This is Mars' first visit in two years and not due to leave until next month, the warrior planet of the cosmos will declare war on glass ceilings, roadblocks and barriers, whether real or imagined for the whole month. While Venus, the planet of money won't return until early next month, Mars will still be here and there will be an unbroken chain of planetary activity through to the end of July. While Mars himself is only here for seven weeks, he is the icebreaker that can forge a path for the planets that will follow over the coming months, making this just the start of the most lucrative months of 2021. Pluto's retrograde turn in your financial sector late last month has put money matters into review mode and as all the planetary focus until now has been on that side of the financial fence, this gives the income side its turn.
Already Mars' return and his quest to break an income drought has received a boost from a Full Moon on the job front late last month while getting another boost when Jupiter returns to your career sector on 14th May. It is not only early in the year to see movement on the income front it is late in the year to see any new developments on the career front and especially none as potentially game changing as Jupiter's return. It is a case of Mars and Jupiter, the planets of passion and luck finding themselves in the right place at the right time, returning within three weeks of each other to fire things up on the income and career fronts. It is one thing to have game changing developments on the income or career fronts but another to have them on both fronts at the same time. This is changing the dynamics of your financial and professional year.