Money Horoscope for gemini
Even though there could be some financial tension at the start of the month this is a good sign rather than a sign of trouble ahead. Before leaving your income sector on 6th September Venus, the planet of money will spend her final week here opposed to all three planets in your financial sector, as was the case for the Sun and Mercury before her. While the Sun was more interested in observing any balance issues between money coming in and money going out this might have exposed and Mercury used this to sharpen his smart head for money, Venus will use this as motivation. Venus can be seen to represent our inner two year old, willing to throw a tantrum if we don't get want we want. When Venus comes up against Saturn in the early days of the month she is coming up against the hard taskmaster of the cosmos, demanding that you take care of financial housekeeping before looking at bringing more money in. Venus will rebel against that and with the help of a Full Moon in your career sector on 2nd September will use this as motivation. Once Venus leaves there will be no more planetary activity in your income sector this year so this will aid her mission to leave you motivated and with a good sense of where the money is. With new doors opening on the job front later in the month, if Venus achieves nothing other than to leave you motivated and with a lucrative sense of direction then she has done her job. Venus' departure will allow you to shift more attention onto your financial situation and money matters and the timing couldn't be better. On 6th September, the same day that Venus leaves your income sector Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will move into his final week in retrograde motion, before turning direct on 13th September. Along with Saturn, who will turn direct on 29th September, Jupiter will leave your financial sector in December and his direct turn is the point where you are able to move forward when it comes to financial growth and expansion.
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