Money Horoscope for gemini
Things took a dramatic turn on the financial front late last month, with Saturn's departure from your financial sector on 22nd March putting a financial boot camp that began in 2017 on hold. Saturn will return in July, retrograding back in with an opportunity to tie up loose ends but for now he is gone and so too are his restrictions and demands. Yet having had Saturn here for over two years has taught you a lot, especially about fiscal responsibility. Meanwhile, it was Mars' departure in the final hours of March that has also left you with your financial passions and fighting spirit fuelled. This leaves behind Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion and Pluto, the planet of change and revolution and they are spending the first six days of the month aligned, forming a united front. With Saturn's hard lessons banked and Mars' enthusiasm to draw on, the planets of luck and change can draw on both to focus on financial growth and a chance to change things up. While this is freeing things up financially while eliminating the hype, with Pluto turning retrograde on 26th April and Jupiter next month, they are both slowing down. This is creating a month where money matters are likely to flow more smoothly, where the highs and lows are gone and there is a chance for a steady middle ground approach but also where there should be more confidence. Saturn doesn't create challenges but he uses them to help you learn so doesn't try and avoid them. With Saturn gone you can take a break from learning new lessons and instead put lessons learned in the past into practice. For the first time since Jupiter's return in December, this is all about him and his focus on growth.
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