weekly Money Horoscope for cancer

Beginning the week with the Moon in your financial sector is always an advantage and especially when it is its first visit for the year. However, while this is technically an ordinary monthly visit, nothing about this visit is considered ordinary, from the timing to the impact this could have. When the Moon returned over the weekend the Sun had only been here for two days, with their alignment having just created the first New Moon of 2023. The Moon is not only still here as we move into the new week but on Monday will align with Venus and Saturn, just as their alignment here peaks. With your financial instincts sharp this will give you an even better read on the coming together of the will and the means to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes in order to turn your financial desires into reality. With Venus leaving on Friday and Saturn moving into the final six weeks of a nearly three year visit on Thursday, starting the week with the Moon here and the momentum from the New Moon couldn't come with better timing.