weekly Money Horoscope for cancer

When the dwarf planet Ceres left your income sector last Thursday, she not only wrapped up her last deep dive into your income needs and priorities for another four years but all planetary activity on the income side of the financial fence for the year. However, after three months of planetary activity and with your needs and priorities updated, it is the Moon's monthly visits that will keep things on track. It will be another two weeks before the Moon makes its next visit to your income sector, with a chance until then to let things settle as the focus shifts to the other side of the financial fence. That would have been the case even without the Moon's return to your financial sector on Tuesday, something that will fuel your financial instincts and imagination but also your financial confidence. This is thanks to the Moon's friendly aspect to both Mars and Venus, the planets of passion and money as it moves through. As the last visit while Saturn is in retrograde motion, this is also a chance for some closure.
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