Money Horoscope for cancer
It would be nice to believe that Saturn's departure from your financial sector on 2nd July was a case of the hard taskmaster of the cosmos getting out of the way so that income matters could have their turn but he would never be that obliging. If Saturn believed that there was anything to be gained by continuing to not only focus on what you do with and how you manage the money you have but on looking back, he would carry on regardless. Instead, it is more a case of good timing that after just over three months in your financial sector, Saturn will retrograde back out. Normally here for three years instead of three months, this was more a chance to get a feel for things and to look at where you can or need to take your financial power back before he returns with lucky Jupiter in December. There has been almost continuous planetary activity in your financial sector all year, apart from one three day period in January, with the money gods putting all their focus on what you do with and how you manage the money you have and none on money coming in. The fact that Saturn will leave just 20 days before the Sun returns to your income sector on 22nd July is more a case of auspicious timing.
This is the start of the most lucrative months of 2020, with Mercury's return next month making August even more lucrative than July and Venus' return in September making it the most lucrative month of 2020. With Venus gone by early October and the focus not shifting back onto financial matters until December, all the planetary activity on the income front this year fits neatly into the space being left for them. What makes this even more auspicious is that you not only have the South Node in your work sector for the first time in 17 years but in the closing days of June Mars began his longest visit to your career sector in 32 years, one that won't run its course until January. The Moon will return to your income sector from 21st July to 23rd July, giving you a sharp nose for money as the Sun returns but also as the best months of 2020 across the income, work and career fronts begin.
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