monthly Money Horoscope for cancer

While there is still no planetary activity in your income sector and there won't be until Mars returns in May, that is considerably sooner than when the Sun returns in the latter part of July each year. In addition, with Venus, the planet of money returning in June to begin her longest visit to your income sector in our lifetime 2023 is destined to become a lucrative year and especially between May and September. While the money gods still have all their focus on the other side of the financial fence, it is the professional gods that are offering a chance to gain the professional momentum that you can benefit from when things start to move on the income front. Helping to spearhead this is Venus, who begins the month aligned with Jupiter in your career sector. It has been over a decade since the planets of money and luck were last aligned in your career sector, but they are just part of a team of planets that have brought you to a pivotal point in this professional year. When the Moon moves through your income sector from 4th March to 6th March and then when it returns again on 31st March it will sharpen your nose for money, act as a trigger but also form a friendly aspect to the planets in your career sector, continuing that link.
Meanwhile, while the money gods have all their attention on the other side of the financial fence, where the focus is on your financial situation and money matters, this is a month of three parts. The first part runs until 8th March, when Saturn's nearly three year financial boot camp will finally run its course. Mercury will catch up with Saturn on 2nd March and will remain aligned until leaving on 3rd March, bringing together a smart head for money and the resolve to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. Saturn's departure will end all planetary activity on the financial front for the first time since 2020, creating a firebreak that allows you and the money gods to take a break. The Moon will move through during this period, with a chance to check in from 18th march to 20th March. This will ensure your financial instincts and imagination are fuelled when you move into the third stage when Pluto, the planet of change and revolution returns to your financial sector for the first time in our lifetime.