Money Horoscope for aquarius
There is likely to be a new sense of confidence on the income front this week, whether there have been actual developments or whether you have any more money in your pocket or not. Something will be telling you that something has shifted and that something was the Moon's visit to your income sector last week. The Moon's visit itself was an ordinary event, returning every four weeks to sharpen your nose for money and to give you an intuitive read on the undercurrents. It was the latter that was the game changer. It was just two days before the Moon returned that the last planet left your financial sector, allowing the money gods to put all their focus onto money coming in. It also meant there was no more competition between money coming in and money going out. However, it was what this also picked up on professional and what continues to develop this week that has brought a whole new sense of confidence and anticipation, during dreamy Neptune's final weeks in retrograde motion in your income sector.