Money Horoscope for aquarius

Even though the Moon will leave your income sector on Monday, just beginning the week here can be an advantage, giving you a sharp nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction from the start. However, it is the Moon's alignment with dreamy Neptune before leaving on Monday that is an ordinary event that could have extraordinary implications. Ordinary, because the Moon returns every four weeks and the last thing it does before leaving is align with Neptune, something that can inspire your imagination and wishful thinking. What creates the potential for extraordinary implications is that it is just as the Moon and Neptune are aligned that Jupiter will turn direct in Aquarius, something that will see him make a U turn and begin his trek back to your income sector. When Jupiter retrograded back out of your income sector in July he promised Neptune that he would return, with his U turn setting the scene for a reunion between the planets of luck and dreams later in the year.
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