Money Horoscope for aquarius

The dynamics of this financial year are shifting and it all began in the final days of July. Until then all the planetary activity has been on the income side of the financial fence, with continuous planetary activity there all year. While dreamy Neptune has been in your income sector since 2012 and won't leave until 2026, keeping a permanent focus on income matters, things become a lot more empowered when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion returned in May. Jupiter and Neptune both turned retrograde in June and this is what saw Jupiter retrograde back out at the end of July. However, before Jupiter could leave Venus returned to your financial sector, beginning the first planetary activity on this side of the financial fence this year. Had Venus returned eight days later she would have missed Jupiter but instead, this saw the planets of money and luck clash during important days on both sides of the financial fence for each. While this may have created some financial tension, as Venus is the only planet that Jupiter will clash with during the three visits it will make to your income sector during 2021 and 2022, she is the right planet to turn this into motivation. That clash is already behind you and as you move into the new month Jupiter is gone and Mars has joined Venus in your financial sector. While Venus will leave your financial sector on 16th August, with Mercury here from 12th August to 30th August, the Sun from 23rd August and Mars all month, they are making the most of Jupiter's absence from your income sector to give money matters as much support, resources and momentum as possible. While they won't all be here at the same time, with every planet that will visit your financial sector this year all here at some point, this is the most important month of the year for money matters.
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