Career Horoscope for taurus
Jupiter's departure from your career sector last Friday has changed the dynamics of this professional year but not the focus. The focus is still on career matters but with Jupiter gone there isn't the urgency and instead, with Saturn not only staying on but coming to a standstill ahead of a retrograde turn on Sunday, this is a chance to regroup. Jupiter is only gone for two and a half months, with the planet of luck and expansion returning at the end of July to harvest the seeds he has planted over the last five months. Until then, there is a chance to pull back and to focus more on keeping what is already in motion on a steady course. Meanwhile, it is the weekend rather than the working week that will host the most significant days of the week. The Moon's return to your work sector on Saturday will put it at a friendly aspect to Saturn as he turns retrograde on Sunday. More importantly, this will be the Sun's first weekend in your income sector.