Career Horoscope for taurus
Regardless of how the current shutdowns are impacting you, whether you are working through, are on home isolation or you are working from home, Wednesday's Full Moon is a chance to push the 'reset' button. It is the conditions around this very ordinary Full Moon that brings a much needed boost in confidence, especially in what the future holds. This is a Full Moon that will always fall in your work sector at this time of year, halfway between the Sun's last visit and the next. Because the Sun is here during the most active months of any year on the job front, this means this should be the very opposite of that. Instead, this Full Moon falls during Mars' first full week in your career sector and just days after Venus returned to begin the four most potentially lucrative months of the year over the weekend. The conditions might not be ideal now but the forces in play across the income, work and career fronts are in play for months and this week's Full Moon is allowing them to join forces.
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