Career Horoscope for taurus
This is a month of two halves on the career front and fortunately, the Moon will not only visit your career sector twice but each during crucial parts. The month begins, as has every other month this year, with Saturn and Jupiter in your career sector, together making this one of the most pivotal professional years in decades. Yet while they both returned within days of each other in December and spent their early days aligned, the much faster Jupiter has been pulling ahead to a point where they are already playing two separate games. However, that still means it is business as usual, with Jupiter urging you to enthusiastically embrace new possibilities while Saturn gives you the determination to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. However, their days together are numbered, with Jupiter not only leaving your career sector on 14th May but Saturn turning retrograde just eight days later, on 23rd May. Just by Jupiter leaving means that his enthusiastic approach to moving things ahead will end, leaving Saturn's more moderate approach in charge. By the time Jupiter leaves Saturn will be at a near standstill, with his retrograde turn a chance to return to pull back and return to the drawing board. {ads_delimiter}Because Jupiter will return at the end of July to spend another five months here, his focus before leaving is on planting seeds that he can come back and harvest in a few months' time. This is where the timing of the Moon's two visits will help you stay on track. The first visit from 3rd May to 5th May will not only fuel your professional instincts and imagination but will give you a read on both Jupiter and Saturn as it aligns with both. This is when you will sense a need to pull back but also a sense of urgency when it comes to making Jupiter's final days here count. By the time the Moon returns on 30th May Jupiter will be gone and Saturn will have been in retrograde motion for a week, with the Moon giving you a read on the very different dynamics in play by then. The Moon will also give you a chance to check in on work and job matters from 22nd May to 24th May.