Career Horoscope for taurus
While Saturn and Mars may seem to have the worst possible timing, returning with the most powerful professional influences in decades, in the middle of a time of global uncertainty. Whether you are immediately impacted or not, times are uncertain and this might have an impact on how you experience Saturn and Mars' return but ultimately this will work to your advantage. In December Saturn and Jupiter will both return to your career sector within days of each other and this will be the official launch of the biggest period of professional expansion in decades, stretching through to 2023. Saturn's return now is more a chance to test the waters, get a feel for any barriers, challenges or anything that you might need to work on in the meantime. Mars, who returned in the final hours of March wants to make things happen now and if there is a smooth path to career and professional success and achievement this month, he will find and exploit it. However, if there are barriers Saturn will keep Mars' impatience in check and use it as valuable information as he prepares for the future. Mars will leave your career sector in mid May, exploiting as much professional potential before then as possible. Saturn will turn retrograde next month and will begin retracing his steps, leaving in early July where he will pass on everything he has learnt during this time to Jupiter. This is when the two most powerful planets in the solar system can use that information to prepare for their return in December, while you will get to benefit from the structures you are able to create between now and then. If you do have to pull back this month you have Saturn there to help you do it but if you do have a clear path to success, Mars will help you exploit it. Another advantage is Venus' return to your income sector on 4th April, kicking off four of the most potentially lucrative months of 2020.
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