monthly Career Horoscope for taurus

While the Sun won't return to your work sector until 23rd September, something that will always turn the solar spotlight onto your work situation and job matters at this time each year, this is something that you already have a head start on and in more ways than one. By the time you move into the new month, Mercury has already been in your work sector for six days, with his return late last month beginning the first planetary activity on the job front this year. Normally rushing through in 14 to 15 days, while giving you a chance to get your head in the game and around your options ahead of the Sun's return, Mercury should be long gone by then. Instead, a retrograde turn on 10th September will not only keep him here but this smart, articulate and intellectually savvy planet will have been here for four weeks by then. Mercury will leave less than 12 hours after the Sun returns and that will be a huge advantage. Mercury will have spent four weeks here by then, half of that time in retrograde motion and this not only leaves you with more than enough ideas and insights but by leaving, allows the Sun to turn the focus back onto the future and onto where you are going. {ads_delimiter}By the time the Sun returns you will also have a sense that something much bigger is developing, with Mars in the first full month of his longest visit to your income sector in eight decades and Saturn in his last full month in retrograde motion in your career sector for another three decades. Mars and Saturn will work in partnership for the rest of the year and right through to when they both leave in March 2023. No wonder Mercury doesn't want to leave and while he will retrograde back out on 23rd September, he will return next month for a complete do over. With Venus not returning to your work sector until 29th September, what is just starting to build across the income, work and career fronts now will continue to build and expand over the coming months. You will have a window into this when the Moon returns for its monthly visit to your career sector from 7th September to 9th September and again when it returns to your work sector from 26th September to 28th September.