weekly Career Horoscope for scorpio

As you move into the new working week an alignment between Jupiter and Juno in your work sector is just starting to separate and this is something that you are still unpacking. While the Moon will return for its first visit to your work sector for the year this week it won't be until later in the week, giving you a chance to not only dissect Jupiter and Juno's first alignment here in 35 years but get a feel for the resolve to embrace a quest for job growth and expansion in real time in the reality of day to day life on the job front. It is on Thursday that the Moon will return for its first visit for the year, since Juno's return and since Eris' direct turn two weeks earlier gave work and job matters the green light. Before leaving on Saturday the Moon will align with all four planets in your work sector, giving you a better sense by the time it leaves of the resources that you have to work with.