Career Horoscope for scorpio

The Sun's departure from your work sector on 20th April not only took the solar spotlight off your work situation and job matters but brought things back to the status quo. Because the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos has been in your work sector for decades and is here now for another three decades things will never go completely off the boil. Eris' warrior and competitive spirit is always there to tap into and after the Sun moves through each year, she is always a lot more energised. Taken in isolation, where things stand at the start of the month is fairly typical for this time of year but that is about to change. Normally, this would mean that the push to get work and job matters moving and up to speed is over and with nothing else happening for the rest of the year it would then become more about the journey. However, from the start, your gut will be telling you there is more to come. Instead, what you have is a brief chance to pause and catch your breath before a second and much bigger wave begins. It begins with Venus' return on 3rd May and late to return because of a retrograde turn late last year, she will be ready to make up for lost time. {ads_delimiter}Even on its own, here until 29th May and on a mission to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction, this would still make this one of the best months of the year on the job front. While that is still the case, this will be dwarfed by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion's return on 11th May. It has been over a decade since Jupiter was last here and this opens the doors to months of job growth and expansion. Adding to this will be Mars' return on 25th May, with the warrior planet of the cosmos returning for the first time in two years to fire up your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit. Rather than run their course, as you move into the new month this is a chance to pause before things take off in a way not seen since 2011. Meanwhile, the Moon will make from 7th May to 10th May key days for career matters, while returning to give you an intuitive read on work and job matters from 25th May to 27th May.