Career Horoscope for scorpio
The pace has dialled back since Mars left your work sector last month but he left the engines on idle and the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos at the wheel. When Mars left last month, wrapping up his longest visit in 32 years, Eris was at a standstill in her final days in retrograde motion here, giving you a chance to pull back. This had as much impact as pulling the emergency brake on a runaway train but over time she has managed to pull things back. Back in direct motion and gaining speed, Eris never wanted to halt things completely, just find a more manageable pace. This is important because this is giving you a chance to catch your breath before the Sun and Venus return next month, beginning a new chapter. However, this is not just the first quiet month in well over seven months and a chance to catch your breath before the pace picks up again but is a chance to reflect on the months Mars spent here and regroup before the next phase begin. Helping you to do that is the dwarf planet Ceres, who will return to your work sector for the first time in four years on 21st March. Having two dwarf planets in your work sector is definitely better than one but especially as they will perform two very different roles. As the warrior princess of the cosmos, Eris job is to not only keep the wheels turning but to continue to stoke the fires of your work passions, fighting and competitive spirit. Not to the same degree that Mars did but as he has already got things up to speed, all she has to do is keep the wheels turning but at a more manageable pace. Ceres' focus is on your needs and priorities and she begins her first deep dive into job satisfaction and a sense of purpose in four years a month before the Sun and Venus will return to begin the next phase.