weekly Career Horoscope for pisces

By the time you move into the new working week it has been three days since the Moon left your career sector, wrapping up its first visit for the year. This puts you right in the Goldilocks zone on Monday, where your professional instincts are still sharp and you are emotionally and intuitively engaged from the start, but where you have also had a chance over the weekend to unpack a download of information, insights and messages. With no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses but with the Moon having visited your career sector last week and your work sector the week before, this leaves you with everything needed to move forward with confidence. As your subconscious can download information much faster than you can process it at the time, this makes it important to keep trusting your gut and your sixth sense at a point in this professional year when it has become more about the money and especially on the income front.