Career Horoscope for pisces
Since the South Node returned to your career sector earlier in the month, apart from the Moon's return in its early days the full impact has yet to be revealed. However, that is about to change and it is all thanks to the Moon. The first implication will be felt on Monday when the Moon, wrapping up a visit to your home and family sector that began over the weekend, will clash with the South Node as it leaves. As it does the Moon will cross the lunar nodes, where they are policing your work/life balance. This might feel like a case of Mondayitis but it is the boundary lines between your home and professional lives being stress tested. However, just two days later it is a very different story when the Moon returns to your work sector, creating what will be a positive few days across the income, work and career fronts. This will provide clues to what is building ahead of a lunar eclipse in your career sector next week.
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