Career Horoscope for pisces

Last week there was a changing of the guard on the job front, with Venus leaving your work sector just a day before the Sun's return. This week there is another changing of the guard, one that will see what began last week as a complete change over by the weekend. This week it is Mercury's return to your work sector on Wednesday ahead of Mars' departure on Friday that will replace the warrior planet's hot headed enthusiasm with strategic and cold headed determination. Until Mars leaves and the Sun and Mercury fully take over, there is an overlap between his and Venus' focus on the 'what' and their focus on the 'when, where and how'. Venus and Mars have provided the motivation and the momentum, with the Sun and Mercury able to get down into the weeds, focused on the more practical details. Each planet is doing its job with getting work and job matters up to speed and on the right track a team effort.
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