Career Horoscope for pisces

While it is business as usual as you move into the new month, even if business as usual wasn't the good place to be that it is, there is a sense of anticipation in the air. Business as usual means that while there has been no planetary activity in your work sector since the last planet left at the end of August, there is more than enough momentum without having that monkey constantly on your back. The middle months of the year were some of the busiest and while the pace has dropped back, this has banked everything needed to keep work and job matters on track but on your terms. Business as usual means that the asteroid Juno and the South Node are quietly keeping this professional year on track from their position in your career sector. Since its return in May 2020 and until it leaves in January 2022, the South Node is keeping an eye on untapped professional potential while Juno, the queen of commitment has given you a sense of resolve since her return late last year. With the retrograde phase that has kept Juno here well beyond her normal three month stay over, she will finally leave next month but not before playing her part in keeping this professional year and your professional resolve on track. Juno was here when Venus left your career sector in December and has been keeping her seat warm for her ever since and now things are about to come full circle. On 8th October Venus, who last year didn't return to your career sector until December, will return. This is when this professional year will not only catch its second wind but when things will move into the completion phase. What begins with Venus' return on 8th October will take until late January to play out and in that time a total solar eclipse and Mars' first visit in two years will see professional potential explode but also everything that has been building all year come together.