weekly Career Horoscope for libra

While the Moon won't return to your work sector until Friday and it is over the weekend that you will download the most information, the timing couldn't be better. Partly because away from the noise of the working week it will be easier to listen to your professional instincts and imagination and with greater perspective. Things can look different when you are away from the coalface, but even if you are working through the weekend the timing couldn't be better, with your sixth sense picking up on a sense of anticipation. By the time the Moon returns on Friday Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is just three days away from retrograding back in for a rare double dip visit and by the time it leaves on Sunday, the Sun and Venus will be just 14 days away from kicking off what could be the most lucrative weeks of 2022. The Moon will return just as your over the horizon radar will be picking up on the major changes ahead on the income and job fronts.