Career Horoscope for libra

The Moon makes an ordinary but well timed visit to your career sector this week and in more ways than one. With no planetary activity in your career sector since the last planet left at the end of July, the Moon's return every four weeks is a valuable chance to check in while this will also fuel your professional instincts and imagination. To have the Moon here from Tuesday to Thursday will ensure you have this advantage right in the heart of the working week. That would be the case in any week but even more so when this is the Sun's first full week in your income sector. As well as forming a friendly aspect to the Sun as it moves through, as it does every four weeks the Moon will form a friendly aspect to Neptune in your work sector. With Jupiter now in direct motion and on his way, as well as creating positive conditions across the income, work and career fronts midweek, this is also a taste of things to come.