Career Horoscope for libra

As you move into the new month it has been nearly six weeks since the Sun left your work sector, bringing you to a point in this professional year when Neptune is back on his own, quietly keeping the momentum going and the dream alive. Things should have dialled back on the job front this month to a point where all your options are exposed and it is more about staying on track. However, as you not only begin the month with five planets still in your work sector but with Venus and Jupiter aligned, this is far from the case. A series of unrelated coincidences is not only keeping work and job matters alive but in a way not seen before. Venus should not be here, but a retrograde turn late last year means that she was late to return, putting her here as Jupiter and Neptune, the planets of luck and dreams aligned here last month. The month begins with Venus having just aligned with Neptune and still aligned with Jupiter, making this something you are still capitalising on. Another coincidence was Mars' return last month, with the warrior planet of the cosmos timing his first visit in two years to perfection. {ads_delimiter}The final coincidence was the return of the asteroid Juno late last month. While overshadowed by the other planets here this month, with the queen of commitment here now until January 2023, she will help you to stay committed long after they leave. With Venus leaving on 3rd May and Jupiter on 11th May, they will be working to make their final days her count, getting the month off to an auspicious start. However, Mars will stay on until 25th May so will be here, firing things up and fighting to make things happen when the dwarf planet Ceres returns to your career sector on 15th May and during an eclipsing Full Moon in your income sector on 16th May. This will fire things up across the income, work and career fronts right in the middle of the month. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to your work sector from 23rd May to 25th May will ensure you are emotionally and intuitively engaged during Mars' final days here.