monthly Career Horoscope for libra

Across the income, work and career fronts it is business as usual to begin with but there could be a sense of anticipation in the air or a sense that things are about to change. There will be no changes on the career front, with all this year's planetary activity having ended when Venus left your career sector in August. This was later than is usually the case, due to the fact that after starting the year in retrograde motion Venus was still running behind schedule. This not only kept things open a few weeks longer than is normally the case but gave your heart the last say. Apart from the Moon's monthly visits, there will be no more planetary activity on the career front, where the focus is more on the direction a professional year will take than the detail until Mars returns in March. This puts the focus back onto the income and job fronts and where, on both fronts, things are about to become a lot more interesting, starting with the Sun and Venus' return to your income sector on 23rd October. Before then, the Moon will move through your work sector from 7th October to 9th October and through your career sector from 16th October to 18th October. In both cases, this will be a chance to check in but it is the Moon's return to your career sector that will bring things together across the income, work and career fronts. It is when the Sun and Venus return to your income sector that this will not only begin the most potentially lucrative weeks of 2022 but they will draw on and provide support for the asteroid Juno and Neptune in your work sector. However, it is just five days later and nearly five months after leaving that Jupiter will retrograde back into your work sector on 28th October, bringing the planets of luck and dreams together again here for the last time in our lifetime. This begins what will be the most defining two months of the year on the income and job fronts.