Career Horoscope for leo
Across the job and career fronts the main part of this week is a chance to regroup, get your bearing and let things settle, with a chance for a deeper dive over the weekend. It was the Moon's departure from your career sector over the weekend and the Sun's two days earlier that has wrapped up all the faster planetary activity for the year. This is the point where Uranus takes the wheel but here until 2026 he is in no hurry. Uranus is the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected and he can bring sudden and unexpected shifts but this is more likely if you have veered off course, have taken a wrong turn or you need to change tack in order to seize an opportunity. For now, Uranus is more focused on creating some stability as you adjust to the force that will keep the rest of this professional year on track. This happens just as, during Jupiter's early weeks in retrograde motion in your work sector, the same is happening on the job front.
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