Career Horoscope for leo

While it is business as usual on the job and career fronts at the start of the month, even though there might not be a lot of movement and things may be stagnating there should be a lot of confidence and optimism. This is partly because the Sun spent his final weeks in your income sector at a friendly aspect to Uranus on the career and Pluto on the job front and partly because there is a sense of change in the air. Because that might not be reflected in your reality this might require some blind faith but a sense of excitement and anticipation will soon become infectious. Especially if you are willing to trust your gut and not your head. With Uranus in retrograde motion in your career sector for the rest of the year and Pluto not only in retrograde motion in your work sector since April but barely moving, things may appear stuck or stalled. However, it is the fact that Pluto is barely moving and that work and job matters might appear stalled or stagnant is where a sense of anticipation is coming from. The reason that things are stalled is that Pluto is at a near standstill as you move into the new month, as he prepares for his direct turn on 7th October. Pluto will remain at a standstill for much of October but this will not only give work and job matters the green light but shift your focus from where you have been and onto where you are going. This is when a sense of change in the air is likely to increase and especially when the Moon moves through your work sector from 12th October to 14th October and sharpens your sixth sense. While Pluto will gradually pick up speed over the coming months and the pace on the job front will slowly increase, what your over the horizon radar will be picking up on is Venus' approach. Returning in early November for what should be a 24 day visit, Venus will instead remain here until March 2022 and with Mars due to make his first visit in two years during that time, work and job potential is set to explode over the coming months.