weekly Career Horoscope for cancer

The Moon will have an impact on career matters this week but in two separate but distinct times that will also have a different influence. While one is more favourable, they are both important. The first might be more challenging, with Monday's New Moon not only putting the focus on home and family matters but putting the Moon in direct competition with all three planets in your career sector. This is something that once a month will put your work/life balance to the test but as a New Moon, the message will be stronger. This will be in effect on Monday and Tuesday, with a chance to get the working week off to a balanced start. It is later in the week that the Moon's monthly visit to your work sector will see it form a friendly aspect to the same three planets in your career sector that it clashed with earlier in the week. With Ceres wrapping up all planetary activity in your income sector on Thursday, the Moon's return to your work sector from Friday to Sunday will be a chance to regroup.