weekly Career Horoscope for cancer

While the Moon left your career sector on Saturday, this not only allows you to begin the new working week with your professional instincts sharp from the start but having had time to start unpacking a download of information, insights and messages. As your subconscious can download information faster than you can process it at the time and as overthinking things slows down the process, the more you can simply trust your gut the more the right insight will come to the surface at the right time. This was not just the Moon's first visit for the year but the first since Eris' direct turn gave Jupiter's quest for professional growth and expansion the green light. Jupiter has been here for six weeks but with Venus still three weeks away from bringing the laws of attraction into play, this is something that doesn't need to be rushed. It is later in the week that work/life balance could become an issue, though not if you make this a priority from the start.