Career Horoscope for cancer

Things take an exciting turn when the Moon not only returns to your career sector on Monday to begin the lead up to a Full Moon but just 10 days after Venus' return to your work sector. This is a Full Moon that will fall here at around this time every year and halfway between the Sun's last visit to your career sector and the next, this is the boost that career matters need at what is often a slow point in any professional year. With the Sun not returning to your work sector until the latter part of November each year, this rarely overlaps planetary activity on the job front. However, Venus' early return means that for the first time in eight years she is here to take advantage of anything the Full Moon might trigger. As the Moon will engage with planets across the job and career fronts, the first three days of the week could jump start things on both fronts in a way that could have an impact for weeks if not months to come.