monthly Career Horoscope for cancer

When Jupiter returned to your career sector just before Christmas the wheels that would set this professional year in motion began to turn but in reality, the seeds were sown months ago and it is time now to start harvesting them. It was last May that Jupiter returned to your career sector for the first time since 2011, to begin a 12 year period of professional growth and expansion. You might be wondering if you missed that, for as yet you might not be seeing much sign of any growth and expansion. That is because everything is set to come together in the final five months, which began with Jupiter's return late last year. It was less that Jupiter got a false start and more that while he retrograded back out at the end of October and never ventured far during the five months he spent here last year, this gave you time to plant seeds, gather information and set things in motion for his return. Until leaving in May, almost a year to the day since returning in May 2022, Jupiter will have his foot to the floor and nothing is getting in his way this time. This is creating a new sense of enthusiasm and an opportunity for new beginnings that could have a broader impact than just professionally. Jupiter returned during the Sun's last full day in your work sector and while all planetary activity on the job front has ended, this was a chance for work and job matters to hitch their wagon to where things are going professionally and to build on from what they have set in motion. While it is still early days, 2023 is set to be a big year professionally, with the Moon's first visits to your two professional houses a chance to check in. While the Moon is just leaving your career sector as we move into the New Year, it will come full circle again from 26th January to 28th January. Some of the most important days of the month on the job front will be when the Moon moves through your work sector from 18th January to 20th January.