Career Horoscope for cancer
While the Sun's departure from your career sector last month has taken the solar spotlight off your career situation and matters, this was just nine days before you moved into the new month. With Venus and Mercury having just left a few days earlier, an active push has only just run its course and the remaining planets are still regrouping. With the dwarf planet Eris in your career sector all year and both the asteroid Juno and the South Node keeping work and job matters active all year, things will never go off the boil on either front. However, the busy push is over and on both fronts, the focus is shifting to the long game and onto keeping the wheels turning. Or at least it will have by the end of the month, with both sides still having some unfinished business. On the career front, that unfinished business is the dwarf planet Ceres' final days in your career sector, where during her first visit in four years she has been updating your professional needs and priorities since her return in February. Ceres was here, in the background as the Sun, Venus and Mercury moved through, observing and using this to update your professional needs and priorities, which she will continue to do until leaving on 8th May. {ads_delimiter}The Moon will move through from 7th May to 10th May, ensuring your professional instincts are sharp as Ceres leaves but also as the remaining planets settle in for the long haul. This leaves the unfinished business on the job front which is more a real wildcard. With the asteroid Juno in her first full month in retrograde motion in your work sector and the South Node providing a steady drumbeat, all is quiet on the job front and nothing to suggest that the professional gods still have a wildcard up their sleeve. That wildcard will be played when the Moon not only returns to your work sector on 26th May but as a total lunar eclipse. This is a direct result of having the South Node here and after a year this is set to unleash a flood of untapped job potential, potentially in ways that take you by surprise.