Career Horoscope for cancer

To begin with, it is business as usual and that includes on both the job and career fronts. This means that things might just be ticking over, with enough resources on both fronts to keep the wheels turning but in a low key way. With the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos in your career sector for decades now, your competitive spirit might wane from time to time but it is always there. With Eris in retrograde motion for the rest of the year, career matters might appear dormant but they are ticking over. It is the same case on the job front, with the asteroid Juno and the South Node quietly keeping work and job matters on track. This has been the case for months now and as you move into October there is nothing to suggest that this is about to change. Instead, what you have is a month that has some exciting surprises on both fronts, starting with Venus' return to your work sector on 8th October. Last year Venus didn't return until December and with the Sun not returning until later next month, this is early in the year to see any new developments on the job front. Returning this far ahead of the Sun has implications and apart from giving Venus a chance to get in first and make it all about her agenda, it means she is being forced to slow down. {ads_delimiter} This will eventually see Venus turn retrograde but after she leaves your work sector next month. However, this means that instead of spending just 24 days in your work sector Venus will spend a month here, giving her time to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. Because this is not a cold start, this could see work and job opportunities open up fairly quickly. The Moon's return to your work sector from 10th October to 12th October will give you a better read on the implications this is having on the job and career fronts. That will also be the case when the Moon moves through your career sector from 18th October to 21st October, with the Full Moon this will create having the potential to act as a catalyst on both fronts.