Career Horoscope for aquarius

As you move into the new week it has been 10 days since Venus left your career sector and still the Sun has yet to return, creating what is set to become the biggest firebreak between the two in eight years. Venus will normally move through while the Sun is here, with her focus on updating your professional desires and expectations and getting a sense of what you want professionally happening in tandem with his more objective focus. Even Mercury, who has the intellectually savvy edge needed to focus on the 'when, where and how' has been held up by a retrograde phase. By the time the Sun returns on Saturday and turns the solar spotlight onto your work situation, job matters and options it will have been 15 days since Venus left, time enough to let her expectations develop and take hold. With Mars returning to begin his first visit in two years at the end of next week you have the means to turn those desires into reality. Until Saturday is it all about listening to your heart and daring to believe in what's possible.