Career Horoscope for aquarius
As Mars moves into his second week in your work sector, once again the Moon is making this a good week. Last week it wasn't just the Moon's monthly visit to your career sector but the Full Moon this created that gave Mars a boost during the early days of his first visit to your work sector in two years. While the Moon has moved on, whatever has been triggered by the Full Moon will take weeks to play out while it has already fired up your motivation on the job front. This week it is the Moon's return to your income sector from Wednesday to Friday that not only give you the sharp nose for money needed to work smarter but a friendly aspect will create a boost in confidence on both fronts. With lucky Jupiter returning for his first visit to your income sector in over a decade next week, this is also a taste of things to come. The only thing that you will need to watch as things take off on the job front, is knowing when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.