weekly Career Horoscope for aquarius

While the Moon left your career sector last Friday, your professional instincts are not only still sharp as you move into the new working week but you have had the weekend to unpack a download of information, insights and messages. While this was an ordinary monthly visit, as the Moon's last before the first planetary activity on the career front for the year begins, this was an important chance to get your bearings. With your sixth sense now alert to what lies ahead there is a new sense of anticipation and not just on the career front but on the income front as well. You will have a better read on both when the Moon returns to your income sector on Friday. As well as sharpening your nose for money and acting as a trigger, the Moon will return three weeks to the day before Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is due to return for a rare double dip visit. By the time the Moon leaves on Sunday, the Sun and Venus will be just 14 days away from your career sector, with a sense of anticipation likely to have grown considerably by then.