Career Horoscope for aquarius

While things are a lot quieter professionally this month this is a valuable fire break between the end of all planetary activity on the career front for the year late last month and the start of the first planetary activity on the career front, from early next month. In 2020 Venus and Mars were both held back by retrograde phases and as a result, Venus was late returning to your work and career sectors and Mars didn't visit either. This year they have already started to make up for this, with Mars having returned in April to kick things off two months ahead of schedule. What Mars began back in April only ended when Mercury left on 28th July, just five days after the Sun left. As you move into August it has only been four days since the busiest months of 2021 on the job front ran their course. This has left you with so many resources and so much momentum that you won't even notice that you are now flying solo. It is not until the Moon returns to your work sector from 5th August to 7th August that you will even have a chance to tie up loose ends, with work and job matters still very much a work in progress. With the Sun not returning to your career sector until the latter part of October, this should give you several months to catch your breath and let things play out but instead, you only have this one month. Still racing ahead, Venus will return to your career sector early next month, repeating there what has happened on the job front over recent months, including Mars making his first visit in two years. This time, what Venus begins early next month will take until December to run its course, dominating the final four months of the year. Between April and December 2021 there is just one month with no planetary activity on the job or career front and that month is August and it is an important and valuable firebreak between the two.
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