Career Horoscope for aquarius

While the Sun will always end October in your career sector, with his return on 23rd October turning the solar spotlight onto your career and professional situation, matters and options at the same time every year, things have already got off to an early start. Venus not only begins the month in your career sector but has been here since 12th September, which is as early in the year as it is physically possible for her to return. Until she leaves on 8th October, Venus will work to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction in a way that she wasn't able to last year. In 2020 Venus didn't return to your career sector until November and returning on the same day that the Sun left, was late to the party in terms of having any influence on the direction things took. Last year Venus was the last planet to arrive and while she still worked to attract opportunities, she was working with what had already been baked in. This year Venus was the first planet to arrive and this is giving your heart the first say in the direction you want things to take, creating a groove or a channel for the planets following in her wake. One of those planets is Mars, who will return to your career sector on 31st October for the first time in two years. While Venus will have been and gone by the time the Sun and Mars return, they will return to find that you already have a sense of what you want and a rhythm they can slip into. Meanwhile, where Venus got things off to an early start, with Mars not leaving until December, this will extend out the other side as well, with the warrior planet of the cosmos continuing to fire things up professionally for the remainder of this professional year. With lucky Jupiter returning to your income sector in December, this is a chance to create the professional momentum that can help you prepare for the lucrative times ahead.