Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

The Celtic Cross is one of the most accurate Tarot spreads but also one of the hardest to read and understand correctly. Many beginners have a hard time deciphering the complex dynamics between the cards and perceiving their symbolism.
Below you can find the most important meanings and relationships between the cards in this Tarot spread.
1st Card Speaks about your current situation/problems and reflects your mindset.
2nd Card Represents your challenge or problem.
3rd Card Shows what events have lead up to your current problems.
4th Card Represents your future and describes what will happen soon.
5th Card Shows your goals or the best outcome.
6th Card Speaks about your spirituality or subconscious realm.
7th Card Tells you what you should do to resolve your situation.
8th Card Speaks about people or events that affect your life.
9th Card Shows your hopes or fears.
10th Card Talks about your issue and if it is possible to resolve it.
Now, think of a question, select 10 cards, and find out what the Tarot can tell you!
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