Ten Of Pentacles Meaning: Suit of Pentacles

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Building empires that last generations can start with you. Your family and business can combine to bring about a financial abundance you have never seen. Beware shaky foundations, however, or your dreams may be dashed before they have lived.

What Does of Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean

The Ten of Pentacles Tarot card meaning is that of wealth, success, and lineage. Wrapped in an ornate robe sits an elderly man. The obvious patriarch oversees his family in the lavish courtyard of his estate. There is bounty and historical importance here. He has led his family well, and now all reap the rewards of the family’s continued work.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Keywords

When upright, we see good fortune, long-term gains, financial stability and growth, and strong foundations.

When reversed, we see bankruptcy, heavy losses, instability, ill-gotten gains, and crumpling empires. 

The Ten of Pentacles can speak to your financial growth or demise.
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Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning

As with all Pentacle cards, the Ten of Pentacles upright meaning is that of a financial aspect. There is immense prosperity here. It could mean the enhancement of your family or business. The tradition and ancestry run deep here, and you may be on the path to discovering some genealogical history now.

Upright Health

There is longevity and strength here. If an illness has burdened you, look to your family’s past, and there may be answers to its origin. You will be a force, and your physical health and strength will thrive.

Upright Love

There is much harmony and security within your relationship. There is also a strong indication of forward movement, such as marriage, buying a house, or starting a business together. This could also mean that you are starting a relationship that will bring wealth.

Upright Money and Career

For this category, you will see incredible growth and gains. There is nothing that stands in your way in either career or finances. You will be abundant and obtain anything you are dreaming of. This is a great omen to start that business, make that investment, or ask for that promotion. 

If you see the Ten of Pentacles, a family business may be in your future.
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Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

When the Ten of Pentacles reversed shows up, there is a grayness that is settling on your world. Unstable and shady dealings abound. There may be pain and loss here from business dealings or even family members. You may be feeling that something has been stolen from you, and you will be right, but do not lash out in haste. Every storm must clear.

Reversed Health

You may find yourself unexpectedly ill. Make sure you know the family history of illnesses and do not procrastinate a visit to the doctor if you are not feeling quite right. 

Reversed Love

If the Ten of Pentacles reversed love comes about, there is a warning of valid relationship concerns. You may be neglecting your partner in the chase of potential material gains. You are questioning the strength of your union and may be finding fault when it really is not there. Do not enter a relationship right now. The footing of a new partnership will be rocky and falter quickly. 

Reversed Money and Career

There is potential for a huge loss and shady dealings right now. Do not take on new partners in business or make financial investments. Unexpected shifts in your business, career, or finances are inevitable. Do your best to maintain your path, and you will get through this time of uncertainty. 

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