King Of Wands Meaning: Suit of Wands

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In the Tarot, the King of Wands is most closely depicting Fire signs like Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius. As such, King of Wands is brilliant, charming, and naturally the group leader. On the other hand, this could also bring to light selfishness, viciousness, and unreliability. In a reading, this could be you specifically or a person close to you.

What Does King of Wands Tarot Card Mean

Perched atop his throne, the King of Wands, adorned in garments embellished with salamanders and lions, stares confidently into his future. His budded wand signifies his fruitful life and consistent creativity. The animals on his garments are known for their fortitude and raging power. Infinity and the ability to move forward in lieu of life’s obstacles is shown as the salamanders eat their own tails, creating the infinity symbol.

King of Wands Tarot Keywords

When upright, this card represents influence, leadership, pride, fearlessness, dependability, protection, and daring.

If reversed, there are more impulsive, gruff, uncivilized, crude, and unreliable characteristics.

King of Wands shows you your potential for power and success.
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King of Wands Upright Meaning

King of Wands upright is not a creative leader. Fulfilling the true masculine energy, the King takes the ideas presented and implements them with assertion. There is no other path than the King’s. He does not do this abruptly or aggressively, but in a calculated and strategic way. Others are drawn in by the natural charisma and forward thinking of the King.

Upright Health

It’s all about exuberance and good health. As a mild suggestion, this card does remind you that relaxation is not a sin. Push ahead but rest when needed.

Upright Love

The King of Wands in love reveals the qualities of empowerment, charm, and freethinking are either within you or your partner. Be aware that, if these qualities are in your relationship, it must be built on mutual respect and independence. If it is not, it will not work. Being clingy or needy is a major turnoff. If you are single, these qualities are most likely ones you wish to find within yourself or a future partner. Do not be hasty to jump into something without knowing all the details.

Upright Money and Career

In your career, this card is a positive omen as it reveals that you have all the characteristics to go far. This may be a great time to start that business or ask for that raise. You make a difference and are a very important member of your team. Monetarily, your success is imminent. Your control and innovation contribute to this success.

Understand that King of Wands can be extreme fluctuations of power or weakness.
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King of Wands Reversed Meaning

Deflection or aggression are the two main culprits when King of Wands is reversed. Either you are a sidelined spectator of your own life, or you are micromanaging everyone and everything. You or someone close to you is no less than tyrannical in nature. These characteristics are typically manifested from a deeper sense of weakness, inefficiency, or fear.

Reversed Health

Ever heard of burnout? That is where you are headed if you do not calm down and take care of yourself. Your body does not deserve the beating you are putting it through, and it will collapse if you do not care for it properly.

Reversed Love

With King of Wands reversed love, you are on either a path of destruction or a path of stagnation. You or your partner may have a violent temper, and it could be dangerous. Take the steps to rectify the situation by separating from an angry partner or seeking help if the angry partner is you. The path of stagnation can be just as detrimental to your life. What do you really want? Stop settling for comfort's sake and move forward. If you are looking to build a relationship, make sure you are paying attention to red flags and fully understand what you are getting into before damage can be done.

Reversed Money and Career

Success doesn’t just fall out of the sky. You have to put in the work. Stop being so lackadaisical in your career. That is never the way to move up. Being proactive with money and career is always more beneficial than expecting it to just happen. Do not bully your way forward, though. Check your demeanor and do not think the world needs to kneel before you because it won’t.

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