Five of Wands Meaning: Suit of Wands

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What does Five of Wands Tarot card mean

Illustrated by five men raising their swords, the Five of Wands meaning is chaotic and tumultuous. However, it doesn't always indicate something negative. It could allude to a disagreement between yourself and a loved one or an inner conflict that's backing you into a corner.

Five of Wands Tarot Keywords

The Five of Wands keywords depend on which way you choose the card.

Upright: dispute, disagreement, argument, tension.

Reversed: inner struggle, indecisiveness, releasing tension, trouble communicating.

Five of wands upright indicates there's tension between you and someone you love, perhaps your partner.
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Five of Wands Upright Meaning

Selecting the Five of Wands upright indicates there's tension between yourself and someone you care about. Unfortunately, you're in a tough situation, however, you've been given a lucky chance to better yourself–you should take it!

Upright Health

This card points toward a chance to fortify your mental health through the adversities you're facing with the people around you. Use this friction to strengthen your mindset and work on your relationships.

Upright Love

When pulling the Five of Wands upright, love is something to consider. Learn that conflict is a natural part of any interaction, and try to discover healthy ways to overcome those sticky disagreements!

Upright Money & Career

Conflict in the workplace is normal and shouldn't be avoided just to stay cordial. If things are feeling rocky, try having an open line of communication with your colleagues. You'd be surprised by the doors it opens! If you never express how you feel, you'll never get what you want.

Five of wands reversed indicates a fork in the road, or troubling make a decision.
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Five of Wands Reversed Meaning

The Five of Wands reversed hints at inner struggle and trouble with making a decision. In any capacity, choosing this card encourages you to step up to the plate and be more decisive!

Reversed Health

If you select the Five of Wands reversed, health is a good area to explore. Perhaps you're on the fence about making a positive lifestyle change. Take this as a sign to make that leap and invest in your wellbeing.

Reversed Love

When picking the Five of Wands reversed, love is a touchy subject to dive into. You're not being honest with yourself about your needs and desires and should consider making a change before you get hurt.

Reversed Money & Career

You're faced with two paths to take in your professional life, and the decision is eating away with you. Allow this to be a sign to trust your gut and understand that the only wrong choice would be not making one at all.

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