Love Horoscope for sagittarius
There is something up with Venus and Mars this year, which will see the planets of love and passion deviate from their normal pattern and in the process give romantic and relationship matters a real gift. That something is that they are both travelling at high speed, so much so that they will eventually be drawn back, by turning retrograde. Venus can't get more than 46 degrees ahead of the Sun before being pulled back and while she won't turn retrograde until May, this is already having an impact. In the long term, the biggest impact will be on the relationship front, with Venus returning to your relationship sector in early April for what should be a 24 day visit but then not leaving until August. For now, the impact will be felt on the romantic front or will do when Venus returns to your romantic sector on 8th February. Venus will normally return around the same time as the Sun, who doesn't return until later next month and last year the planet of love returned on 15th May. To have Venus return to your romantic sector on 8th February is extraordinarily early and this is because of the speed that will eventually force her to turn retrograde. That one fact is having a positive impact on the romantic front now and will have a positive impact on your relationships in a few months' time. Just like Venus, Mars is also speeding up and while he won't turn retrograde until September, when he returns to your romantic sector for what should be a six week visit in June, he won't leave until January 2021. Venus knows this when she returns this month, to begin what will mushroom out to become a romantically charged year. Returning on 8th February, this is where the planet of love will spend Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, while Venus' speed will eventually have exciting implications on the relationship front, for now the Moon's visit to your relationship sector from 3rd February to 6th February is a chance to check in.
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