Love Horoscope for sagittarius
In their own way, romantic and relationship matters get everything they need this month without demanding anything in return. There is some major planetary activity this month but romantic and relationship matters manage to stay out the limelight, both falling in the Goldilocks zone. This is the zone where there is enough going right to give romantic and relationship matters what they need, but without so much attention that it creates demands. While there is no planetary activity in your relationship sector, what you do have is near continuous planetary activity in your communication sector, which is giving you your relationships a voice. In fact, until she leaves your communication sector on 14th January, as the planet of love Venus' sole mission is to give your heart and your relationships a voice. It is just three days later that Mercury, the planet of communication will return to your communication sector on 17th January and with the Sun returning four days later, there is planetary activity here for all but three days this month. The Moon will make its first visit to your relationship sector for the year from 7th January to 9th January and with Venus, the planet of love still in your communication sector she will be on hand to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice. {ads_delimiter}As the Moon comes full circle from last month's Full Moon, this is something that you didn't have then. In the meantime, with Chiron in his first full month in direct motion in your romantic sector and Eris turning direct here on 11th January, romantic forces are dialling back. Eris is a dwarf planet and Chiron even smaller than that but while they aren't major players, the fact that they are waking up means the love gods are preparing for something. That something is Venus' return to your romantic sector next month, which will be the first of many romantic opportunities this year holds. The Moon will return to your romantic sector from 2nd January to 5th January and by 30th January will be back again, to see out the month here.