Your Sign’s Alter Ego

By Nataly Porter Feb 27, 2024
There is an interesting fact about people – we all have many sides, and hardly any of us can be called normal. We believe we should be “normal” and do “normal” things. We know it well that we all deviate from “normality.” What can we do? Of course, to try to conform to our attempts and survive in modern society. Who are we? Scroll to your sign to get the answer!


The Warrior


Aries people are known as the warriors of the zodiac, and it could become their alter ego, too. They’re active people who’re always full of energy; besides, they’re strong and not afraid of anything. Challenges and adventures don’t scare them away; on the contrary, Aries natives are attracted by them. They like to take risks and play lotteries - don't forget to check your lottery-winning tips, though! They don’t have to look deep inside their nature because everything is on the surface when it comes to them. They take decisions and act very fast on every level of their lives. 


The Beast

Taurus is one of the strongest zodiac signs, not only physically but emotionally, too. They don’t like getting stuck in one place, preferring to change and develop. They like to feel the support of their close people but don’t want to depend on the opinions of their relatives. If other people try to subdue them, Taurus natives can turn into a wall! Having a Taurus guy on your side can be very hard, especially if they are in a bad mood or simply don’t believe you’re a genuine person deserving of their support. 


The Miracle Worker

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Gemini has always been known as the sweetest and the most gentle zodiac rep. Besides, people of the sign are known for their wit; they know what they want and why they want it. They’re flexible and are fond of exchanging their ideas with others. The only problem they face is fantasizing. Their plans are far from reality, and they often believe they can achieve anything and do wonders. In real life, they never even come close to their dreams and are often disappointed because of this.


The All-Knowing

Cancer is known as the most family-oriented zodiac sign, the so-called nurturing mother of the zodiac. The jobs that suit them best should necessarily include taking care of either other people or things. Besides, Cancerians are very emotional and faithful – they will remain loyal to their significant others no matter what. The alter ego of Cancer is eager to make others believe they’re dealing with someone who knows a lot more than an ordinary person does. 


The Best of the Best

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The most creative of all zodiac signs, Leo is very passionate about what they’re doing, too. They actively use both these features to move up the career ladder. Speaking about the jobs that would suit Leo natives most, they should be in the fields of music or movies. Leo representatives love to be loved and appreciated by others. When a Leo person is entering a room, all the eyes are on him or her. The alter ego can’t be anything but “the best you can get” and they do their best, too, to support this opinion.


The Clairvoyant

Virgo people are practical and hardworking, just as reps of the other Earth signs. They analyze phenomena and people around them and love doing it. Consequently, they can “see” the future, and many things become predictable for them. Virgo natives know how the world can end; however, their manner of behavior helps them look much simpler than they are. In most cases, they act like “supervisors” and make others believe they’re just a bit smarter than an average person. 


No Alter Ego

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When Libra people love somebody, they tend to treat their partners in the best possible way. They’re sweet and modest; to others, they seem simple and almost faultless. Deeply inside, Libra natives are crazy guys with gentle artistic souls. Libra natives would like others to believe they’re no different from them, that’s why no alter ego is necessary. They’re sweet and simple, and no person would ever doubt the fact! 


The Leader

Scorpio guys are passionate about lots of things, including their relationships, work, hobbies, etc. They like to focus on things, and don’t want to be distracted from their small guilty pleasures. They believe that when they pay attention to things, these things work for them; when they stop or forget about it, they can’t rule anymore. Leaders or rulers of the zodiac, Scorpios are very much afraid of losing control and can’t afford it. Besides, they could be a very unusual magic creature in another world!


The Shining One

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Sags are good at everything, and they know it. However, a bad thing about them is that after doing something nice they bask in the spotlight of their kindness and creativity. They think that their life should meet the highest standards. Sagittarius natives are filled with energy, but when they’re restricted but any rules, life can become a bit tougher for them. When dealing with the representatives of other signs, Sags demand kind and creative deeds from them. When they see that other people can’t be 24/7 heroes, they can get disappointed. This will also make the Sagittarius guys believe they’re truly outstanding. 


The Self-Sufficient One

Caps are known as smart, hard-working, disciplines, and responsible people. Their greatest aim is to achieve the highest position in anything. They know what to do and how to do it and never stop on their way to success. Caps allow others to arrange things and even comment on the preparations; however, if somebody is in their way, they will hardly have mercy to this person. Most probably, they will do the rest of the work themselves, not letting anyone interfering in their affairs. 


I Know What I Need

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Aquarians prefer to stay away from new people as well as those who can bring about disorder. Inside, Aquarius natives are shy people who are always faithful to their significant others. They are positive and don’t like dominating over others; on the contrary, they like to listen to the opinions of other people. However, they prefer to do things in their way. They don’t want to know what other people think or want, even if these people are their close ones. They are never eager to listen to the opinions of others because they want to do things in the way they see it. Explore the depths of your personality here and see how strong you are, according to your date of birth!


I Don’t Need Anybody

Pisces people are usually very creative, and their jobs are often connected to artistic fields. Their “bad” unpredictability can cause problems, especially in their relationships with others. They don’t have any idols; they want to become better versions of themselves. When Pisces reps want to rebel against others, they can even hurt themselves by the thoughts that they don’t want or need other people to be happy. I can last for a long time until somebody manages to draw their attention. 

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