Tarot Cards And Numerology: Which Cards Attract Luck?

By Eugenia May 16, 2023
There are several Tarot decks, but despite different styles, color schemes, and even card names (e.g., the Hierophant, also known as the Pope, also known as the High Priest), they all share one important feature: the numbers.

Numerology is a fun addition to the Tarot that can help you make Tarot readings EASIER to understand. Below, you will find out what each number means and what cards are the LUCKIEST, according to numerology!

FUN FACT: Even numbers are female, and odd numbers are male. 

0 – New starts, new beginnings 

1 – Creating something, building something 

2 – Harmony and unity 

3 – Wealth and development 

4 – Order and balance 

5 – Storm and chaos 

6 – Helping each other 

7 – Not moving anywhere, reflecting 

8 – Balance and security 

9 – Growing, developing 

0 — The Fool — New starts 

Tarot Cards & Numerology: Which Cards Attract Luck?
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The Major Arcana begins with Zero — the Fool. So, what is this card about? You can see Zero as a circle, and it signifies a cycle or repetition. At the same time, it represents nothingness and openness. Zero (and this card) marks new beginnings, a start of a new cycle. This card talks about you starting your journey. Who knows what awaits you on your adventure? It’s unclear how lucky or unlucky this card is — you’re at the beginning of your journey. And just starting your adventure can be scary, so make sure to see your detailed Tarot reading for today! It will tell you what you can expect and how lucky you will be.

The Card’s luck: Unclear 

1 — The Magician — Creating, building 

The number one signifies an individual. If you recognize this Tarot card, then you already understand its connection to creativity, mind, and creating something new. Manifestation begins with the number one.

The Magician mindset is important for success, as it allows for focus and individual action. The one (and this card) marks the beginning, too — it is the first number to be defined and given meaning after the openness of Zero. One represents the formation of a concept or idea. 

The Card’s luck: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

2 — The High Priestess — Harmony 

Tarot Cards & Numerology: Which Cards Attract Luck?
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This is an important milestone in numerology. It represents harmony and is often symbolized by the High Priestess card. The High Priestess harmonizes things that oppose each other — intuition and reason, internal and external, hidden and obvious.

Two also means unity, polarity, and the desire to figure out something or understand someone. It can be compared to two people trying to communicate. Out of this unity, expansion arises — the couple works together to create new ideas. However, this number also creates the tension of polarity. 

The Card’s luck: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

3 — The Empress — Wealth 

The number three in numerology is associated with wealth and expansion. It is represented by the Empress card, which symbolizes the results of the work of the Two.

When we have accumulated some wealth through the combined efforts of the Two, now it is time to establish structure. Three represents the abundance we have accumulated by uniting One and Two. However, it is very important to use this wisely — so get your daily Tarot reading to find out WHAT you should do next and how to take advantage of your situation. 

The Card’s Luck: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

4 — The Emperor — Balance 

Tarot Cards & Numerology: Which Cards Attract Luck?
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 Like the Emperor card, Four brings a sense of stability. This is the special point at which everything that was created through One, Two, and Three is protected. The Emperor acts as a guardian who sets boundaries.

With this number comes satisfaction and a sense of security. However, this can also lead to complacency and a lack of desire/ambition for further growth or expansion. The Four energy is solid and strong but not necessarily dynamic.

The Card’s Luck: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

5 — The Hierophant — Chaos 

 Five brings a dynamic shift from the stability of the Four. This number is a catalyst for change, a force for transformation, and a harbinger of growth.

The Hierophant, represented by this number, invites you to challenge the status quo, question your opinions and beliefs, and strive to achieve your goals. This number inspires you to break free from monotony and get new adventures/experiences. (By the way, you may experience something NEW soon — something really big in your love life or career — check out your daily Tarot reading and find out WHAT will happen!)

The number five is also associated with the five elements, including Akasha, the element of Spirit. This connection to the elements speaks about the transformative power of this number that is able to create new life from the ashes of the old.

The Card’s Luck: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

6 — The Lovers — Mutual help 

Tarot Cards & Numerology: Which Cards Attract Luck?
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The chaotic energies caused by the previous number are resolved through the balance of the Six. This number represents the balance and mutual help of the Lovers card that brings peace and conflict resolution.

In addition, the Six also has mystical significance as a combination of the Feminine and the Masculine. The number is a symbol of balance between the male and female principles. Six is a reminder of the importance of harmony in all aspects of life. 

The Card’s Luck: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

7 — The Chariot — Reflection 

The number Seven awakens a desire in you and encourages you to pursue your dreams. It reminds you that there is much more to life than what you may have right now.

This is also the number of reflecting. The Chariot card encourages you to ask yourself what you need to change before you can move forward and in what direction you should move. Before you chase your goals, it is important to take the time to delve into your subconscious and connect with your intuition. 

If you’re not sure what changes you need to make in your life right now, the Tarot can help. Find out what you should do and how lucky you will be through a daily Tarot reading here!

 The Card’s Luck: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

 8 — Strength — Balance 

Tarot Cards & Numerology: Which Cards Attract Luck?
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 This number represents continuity and renewal. Its shape is a symbol of infinity and tells you that life is a continuous journey in which all ends lead to new beginnings. The Strength card is connected with this number, depicting the control needed to overcome problems. This number is all about balance, as it is the sum of Four and Four. It symbolizes stability in all aspects of life, including family, romantic relationships, and career. In addition, the number eight is associated with financial abundance and success. This means getting rewarded for your hard work and the need to consolidate and stabilize your foundation.

The Card’s Luck: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

 9 — The Hermit — Growing 

This is a very important number. Typically, it represents the near completion of a cycle — it’s almost complete but not quite yet. Like the three Threes, the Nine is all about magic and the potential for growth and development.

In the Tarot decks, the number Nine is represented by the Hermit card, which leads us on an important spiritual journey of self-discovery and transformation. The card is not about loneliness, though; it symbolizes the strength of a person who seeks and follows their difficult path forward. Find out how your unique path will develop — get your daily Tarot reading and see what you can expect soon. Something truly UNUSUAL may happen in your love life!

The number Nine also has mathematical significance as the highest single-digit number. It is often associated with wisdom and enlightenment in various traditions.

The Card’s Luck: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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