What the Solar Eclipse will Bring Your Zodiac Sign

By Ashley Ferraro Nov 23, 2021
Solar eclipses serve as a unique reminder that everything in life is cyclical, and while some doors close, new ones will always open. Change can be scary, but in this case, it’s almost always healing and refreshing–that’s definitely something to look forward to!

Although an eclipse can bring significant transformations, for the most part, it catalyzes subtle changes that can vary among each zodiac sign. These changes may be seen in personal relationships, careers, family life, and pretty much everything in between. Nevertheless, all signs should gear up for an exciting shift in energy that's bound to bring them positivity and encouragement to grow and become the best versions of themselves. More importantly, it will remind them that the universe always has their back!

How will the Solar Eclipse affect your sign?

Let's dig deeper into the subject and make some solid Astro-discoveries!

Aries should look forward to the solar eclipse as it will bring them exciting and rewarding opportunities in their career.
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Courageous and determined, Aries will find the solar eclipse to present them with an exciting new opportunity in their workplace. Leading up to the event, Aries has been challenged to be patient and rational, something they normally struggle with throughout their daily life. However, the universe will finally reward Aries for having faith, and they will excel in their career in a way they never knew possible! As long as Aries continues to practice patience, they'll reap some fantastic benefits. 

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As someone that craves stability, Taurus may especially notice an elevated level of chaos brought by the solar eclipse. Rather than succumb to anxiety and worry, Taurus will rise to the occasion and learn to ride the wave of life's curveballs. As someone stubborn and hard to compromise with, they'll be surprised by how well they're able to cope with the unexpected. They will emerge from the eclipse eager to face the unpredictable and take on new challenges at work and within their relationships.

Gemini will have to make a major decision during the solar eclipse, but they will inevitably make the right choice.
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Gemini's decision-making skills will be put to the test during the solar eclipse. Naturally indecisive, they try to resist making choices. However, Gemini will soon find that the universe is offering them a chance to follow their intuition and choose the right path. They might face an important decision regarding a relationship or a big career move. It may not be easy, but Gemini will surely make the right decision. Moving forward, they'll become much more confident in themselves and their choices!

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Guided by their emotions, Cancer sometimes finds it difficult to connect with the people around them. They often feel misunderstood and isolated with their thoughts. Thankfully, the eclipse will introduce them to someone or something that will highlight strong points they did not know they held. Insecurities will quickly fade, and personal traits they used to see as weaknesses will soon be seen as strengths. Best of all, their draining pessimism will quickly transform into a blossoming optimism.

A natural leader, Leo will harness that skill come the eclipse and learn a lot about themselves in the process.
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The solar eclipse will present Leo with an exciting opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills. Although this new challenge will seem simple at first, it'll soon humble them. This will guide them in breaking free from the shackles of their ego and learning to love their true authentic self. In a way they never knew to be possible, the universe will give them the strength to overcome the stubborn, often arrogant version of themselves and better harness their passionate and creative sides.


Virgo often struggles with knowing when it's time to put their work away. Although they thrive in their careers, they struggle to find time for themselves. Lucky for this sign, the eclipse will bring calming energy and subdue any anxieties they've been feeling lately. They'll finally find the courage to put the work away and live a little! Whether they can take their dream vacation or just find time to relax at home and reflect, Virgo will emerge from the eclipse feeling calm and collected.

The solar eclipse will finally give Libra the courage to express themselves and embrace their emotions.
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Libra carries a weight on their shoulders that can sometimes be painful. This might be the weight of a deteriorating relationship or some other seemingly inescapable situation. However, they will notice a shift during the solar eclipse that will give them the strength to finally speak up. Rather than continuing to avoid confrontation, they will prioritize their needs. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but Libra will feel a wave of relief when they discover healthy ways to express themselves.

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The brave Scorpio has much to look forward to during the next solar eclipse! New doors will open, and they must decide on whether or not they're willing to make sacrifices for an exciting new opportunity or stay within their comfort zone. Every day Scorpio demonstrates dedication and perseverance, and they won't ever back down from a challenge. Although the change that comes along with this new opportunity may be intimidating at first, Scorpio will soon realize that the universe has their back!

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Everyone knows that Sagittarius is always happiest when they're outside or embarking on an adventure. The solar eclipse will put Sagittarius more in tune with the outdoors, bringing them calming energy as they harness the power of mother nature. This sign should expect to be overcome with excitement and joy as it pertains to the natural world, and might even consider relishing in a hike or trip to the beach. If Sagittarius is feeling up for taking a vacation, this would be a great time to do it!

The eclipse will show Capricorn how to relax and let go of the need to always be in control.
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Capricorn should expect an ego check during the days leading up to the solar eclipse. A stickler for always being right and especially for being in control, Capricorn sometimes struggles with the repercussions of that attitude. The good news is that the eclipse will bring them opportunities to change their ways and loosen up a bit. Their efforts to improve won't go unnoticed by their friends, and Capricorn will realize that life can be easier if they just relax and take things one day at a time.

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Always seeking a thrill, Aquarius should be eager to learn that the solar eclipse has a wild adventure in store for them! They should be sure to bring their friends along, too–as much as Aquarius loves to be independent, deep down, they know they always have more fun surrounded by their people. Plus, they might learn something valuable by having someone else around. As long as Aquarius follows their intuition and allows the universe to guide them, they'll be pointed toward the next big escapade!


More than anything, Pisces should expect the eclipse to offer them a good night's sleep! To others, it might sound silly, but to Pisces, sleep is one of the most important things in their lives. When Pisces suffers even minor interruptions to their sleep schedule, it can take them days to recover. A night of restful sleep has Pisces feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever challenges the following days should bring them. The eclipse promises Pisces sweet dreams and lots of REM!

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