Recurring Numbers: The Mystery of Seeing the Same Numbers Everywhere Explained

By Alice Anderson Oct 01, 2019
Explore recurring numbers and their true meaning!

So, the most immediate question will be - Where to look for those signals?

And, the most immediate answer is: take a look at your phone number, birth date, ID code, car license plate, etc.

If you keep seeing recurring numbers everywhere, this can only mean that the Universe is trying to draw your attention to something really important.

What is the number pattern that stalks you throughout life? 


First, let’s identify the recurring pattern you keep noticing. The pattern is usually comprised of two - sometimes three and more - same numbers standing next to each other. Has something like this caught your eye? Time to see what these numbers really mean for you.

The Universe speaks in numbers, and here is your numerical dictionary!

Recurring 11-s - your intuition is screaming to get your attention

At the most immediate level, the number 11 is a combination of two ones, hence it holds the doubled energy of 1. This number is all about listening to and, moreover, trusting your intuition.

If you keep seeing 11-s, this means that you have been making poor life choices lately, and the reason for your bad decisions lies in that your common sense is suppressing your intuition. 11-s cropping up now and then deliver a clear message that it’s time to be open to what your intuition is whispering to you.

For those who have started a new relationship, recurring 11-s are trying to say that now’s not a good time to speed up your relationship. On the contrary, you’d better slow down and take off your rose-colored glasses as your current partner’s not the one. This relationship is likely either to end soon or to eventually turn into a toxic one.

Recurring 16-s - you are dangerously disconnected from reality


In numerology, 16 is a number linked to danger. If you keep seeing 16-s, your perception of the world and people around you has nothing to do with the reality and people’s true intentions. 16-s are likely to crop up in situations related to money and close relationships. This number aims at encouraging you to keep your eyes open as you are likely to fall into someone’s trap.

To avoid ending up disappointed and deceived, don’t rush into decisions. Take some time to think it all over and be honest with yourself about who will really benefit from the situation - you or the other person.

Recurring 22-s - time to jump at opportunities at work

22 December

The number 22 is related to career opportunities you keep ignoring. 22-s appearing now and then can only mean that your fear of taking on more responsibility at work is groundless; moreover, it’s your chance to stand out and shine.

Recurring 22 is also a sign to focus on your career as it usually appears at the very point in your life when you are capable of pushing through hard work to reach your goals. The Universe is trying to tell you that you have accumulated that necessary potential that will enable you to shoot for the stars.

Recurring 33-s - the world is calling on you

Old clock

Two 3-s in 33 can be interpreted as the enhanced energy of creativity, imagination, and empathy. The Universe endowed you generously but for some reason, you don’t use or ignore your talents. Therefore, if you start seeing 33-s now and then, you can only find harmony in life by unburying your gifts.

The Universe wants you to send your positive energy to other people either by satisfying your creative urge or by getting involved in charity.

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