How to Prevent Christmas Stress?

By Nataly Porter Dec 02, 2020
Let’s admit the simple idea – although the holiday is full of fun, happiness and blah-blah-blah it’s nevertheless a tough period for most of your family members. You spend almost all the time with them, and despite the fact, these people are the ones you love it’s pretty easy to get tired of them, too. Add this to the stress of Christmas parties, gift shopping, and dinner planning and you’ll soon understand that even this cheerful holiday is not a bed of roses. How to fight the stress torturing you? Here are a few tips for every zodiac sign that will help you stay calm and positive during the festive season!


Angry woman at Christmas

Your dynamic character endows you with unlimited energy, but during holidays even such tireless people as Aries representatives can become exhausted and distressed. A single request from your family member can make you lose your temper in a mere second! Avoid the anger explosion by staying absolutely alone for at least one hour a day and delegate your tasks to others. Spend this time to take a nap or to go for a walk and remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself! Your family is to support you in such moments!


Your family members know you as a pacemaker who’s always ready to settle all conflicts and solve all disputes that may appear during the celebration. It’s no wonder that this position really stresses you out! Family conflicts irritate you and make you upset and you’re afraid of hurting somebody’s feelings. Besides, if you fail in settling everyone down you feel distressed and guilty because of it. Break the vicious circle now! Insist that all your relatives stay calm and speak respectfully and don’t give up until peace is restored.


Stressed woman at Christmas

You easily lose your temper and are ready to explode when a family member says something you dislike or disagree with. Even your Grandma who’s too old to walk fast can start irritating you! Practice patience more and participate in everyday activities that will calm your active mind. Try an art class or yoga and you won’t have a chance of blowing up at the Christmas dinner.


Your vulnerable character makes you especially prone to holiday stress and Christmas is no exception. You hate being ignored or criticized and your family members can hurt your feelings absolutely unintentionally. Your guest can give you a nose trimmer for Christmas or forget to say “Hi!” to you and it will be more than enough to make you lose your temper. To prevent sudden bursts of anger remember to speak up to let others know and understand what you feel. Don’t be afraid of expressing your feelings or the holiday may easily be spoiled by a trifle.


Tired man at Christmas

Take your mind off the little troubles that are unavoidable. The things that make you feel distressed are the situations you’re unable to control and it’s evident that there are going to be dozens of such things during the holiday season. You may lose your car in a mall parking lot or your kid may break a family dish – it’s unpleasant but it shouldn’t hurt you so much! Let it go – and you’ll feel at once that you’re becoming much happier and more joyful.


Your greatest problem is that you think too much about what you have to do to make the holiday perfect and this inevitably brings stress to your mind. You want to keep track of all events that Christmas party preparation is accompanied by and this is enough to tie you in knots. But you forget one simple fact – once you start working on the things that need to be done you’re already ok. Prepare many lists to keep all things both in mind and on paper and don’t forget to include the list of what you can do to help other family members, too!


Tired woman at Christmas

The things that stress you out most are unfair treatment and chaos. But you’re well aware of the fact that during long family gatherings it’s easy to forget about it. You may accidentally get hurt because somebody takes the last slice of the holiday pie and then leaves the dirty dish on the counter! You’ll spend the rest of the night thinking about the ways of telling this person you’re displeased with his or her behavior and waste precious holiday moments in this way. Avoid this – respond calmly and briefly explaining what you dislike and why. Be sure – your guest or family member will understand it at once the subject will be closed.


The members of your family may fail to understand how sensitive you’re at heart. You’re easily stressed out by big family parties and may feel nervous because you’re unable to get enough privacy. Make sure your relatives and guests know and understand it and prevent the tough situations yourself – go to a private room alone and spend some time there or leave the party a little earlier than the others. Don’t worry – if these people love you they’ll understand you and accept your position.


Bored woman at Christmas

Your power is in movement and you can’t even think about spending 5+ hours in a living-room with your family and other guests. You also dislike the formal atmosphere of such events and don’t want to “behave”, buy many presents for the people you may even not know, and be in time for the holiday dinner. Get prepared for the celebration beforehand – spend as much time outdoors as possible decorating the house or shoveling snow from the sidewalks. It’ll help you feel less constrained and tired when the party starts.


You tend to demand perfection from yourself and as a result, feel pressured when you fail to live up to all your expectations. You keep worrying all the time – when you choose gifts for your close ones when you decorate your house and your dinner table when you cook and serve the dishes when you choose the proper suit or dress for the party – the list is endless. The solution to the problem is evident – stop thinking about all possible “what ifs” and “if onlys”. Live in the present moment, try to find the joy in the place you’re now, and be sure – you’ll have enough time to relax and have rest during the long holiday season.


Tired Santa at Christmas

Despite the fact you love to “live and let live” you still want to have your own way. During the holidays you’ll be surrounded by numerous family members and you’ll have to perfect yourself in the art of compromise. You don’t have to bend with the wind all the time but try to make more effort and accommodate their needs at least from time to time. You’re eager to find time for everything – traveling, shopping, partying and so on – and these numerous things will quickly stress you out. Slow down – you’ll see that you’ll get more things done and feel more relaxed.


Being a very private person, a Pisces native can be stressed by noisy relatives and big family gatherings. You can’t bear obnoxious behavior and teasing and become too anxious during such parties because you don’t know how to protect yourself from these situations. Although it’s rather difficult you’re to try to give yourself a temporary attitude adjustment. Realize that sooner or later this will end, too, and try to find a private place to spend an hour or two to process your emotions and find your harmony.

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