How to Detect a Karmic Relationship: 13 Signs

By Eugenia Jan 30, 2023
Find out which of your relationships can be called karmic and why!

Everyone goes through at least one karmic relationship during their lifetime. These relationships don’t last long but teach good life lessons. Here’s how you detect you are in such a relationship!


1. There are certain patterns.

Do you experience the same issues over and over again? This may be a sign of a karmic relationship. If your relationship keeps repeating patterns and remains stagnant, you’re looking at a big red flag. The only way to grow in such a case is to let go.

2. There's no respect for boundaries.

These relationships tend to be selfish. They don’t care about healthy boundaries and only serve their own needs and interests. They are perfect for forming abusive or co-dependent complexes. If a person views their relationship as something convenient, while the other partner is invested, their relationship may be karmic.

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3. There's addiction.  

If one partner is actually not in love with the other partner but more in love with the concept of love or being in a relationship (or just not being alone), this might be a sign they are stuck in a karmic relationship. These relationships tend to be addictive.


4. There are obsessions.

You're focused on owning and controlling your partner. This kind of relationship makes you unable to see your significant other’s flaws. Your partner becomes the center of your world, and you don’t care about anyone but them.

5. It's hard to resist it.

Karmic relationships feel destined. You feel like you can’t survive without your partner, and being with them feels vital. You may think that you both are somehow destined to be with each other, and you don’t understand why your connection keeps failing. You keep trying to get them right, but you and your partner fail every time.

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6. There's instant attraction.

They usually start from what people call love at the first sight. Your partner feels perfect for you, and it’s virtually impossible to find a flaw in them. When you look at your future partner for the first time, it feels like you have known them before – maybe in your past life. You become attached to them the very moment you look at them.


7. There’s dependency.

If it feels like you can’t live without your partner, you’re probably in a karmic relationship. Such relationships create dependency; you feel like you are being consumed by them. At one point, it begins to occupy your thoughts all the time. It’s practically impossible to be invested in something else. In some cases, you may even drop your hobbies. You become mentally and physically dependent on your partner. You hand all your energy to the relationship.

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8. There's anxiety.

This kind of relationship tends to bring out your worst fears. All the things you are afraid of coming to the surface. Fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of emotional vulnerability – they all become very real and very visible. You start feeling slightly anxious all the time, even if you’re happily in love with your partner. Fear is always there. If you feel something of this kind, you may be in a karmic relationship.

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9. There's craziness.

Yes, karmic relationships turn you into someone else. You stop being yourself. In some cases, you start behaving more like your partner: you start being interested in their hobbies and drop your own. You start being irrational. You start doing something you wouldn’t normally do. And your friends and family don’t always welcome these changes. Losing your friends while being in such a relationship is pretty common.


10. It makes your dark side visible. 

Basically, you become a different person when you’re in a karmic relationship. They make your worst personality traits that you were previously unaware of shine bright. They are very good at reminding you how human and flawed you actually are. It may cause some issues with your self-esteem.

11. It is unpredictable.

Such relationships are unbearably erratic, unpredictable, and volatile. You can never know what will happen to you and your partner. Most people like surprises, but they have to be at least somewhat pleasant. With karmic relationships, they are usually far from pleasant. Uncertainty gets unbearable pretty fast.

12. It can push your buttons.

Karmic relationships never fail to push your buttons and turn you into someone else – someone new. The main purpose of such relationships is to learn how to properly love people around you and, most importantly, yourself. Use your karmic relationship to learn to control your own ego and circumstances. Focus on working on yourself.


13. It won't last long.

It feels like this relationship is forever, that your partner is the one, but unfortunately, such relationships don’t last. They are born out of conflict and end in a conflict, contrary to what they say in fairy tales. Such relationships are extremely unhealthy, and it’s not really reasonable for you to cling to them. Learn from this relationship, become a better person, don’t have any hard feelings towards your partner, and let it go.

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