Best vacation ideas for your sign!

Apr. 20 - May. 20

Taurus enjoys luxury, comfort, and beauty; that’s why recreation through adventure is not your cup of tea. You will definitely enjoy your stay in Paris with its world’s most famous museums; do visit the Châteaux of the Loire Valley with its outstanding architectural heritage! Whatever destination you choose, you should book a hotel room or an apartment in advance; a fantastic view is a must because sentience is paramount for you. If you can’t afford a trip abroad, you may just as well go to a music festival held in the United States, e.g. the Grant Park Music Festival in Illinois or the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in California. Being a very hardworking sign, Taurus needs to relax from time to time. The best way to relax for a Taurus is to have a fantastic spa vacation! Massages and facials, scrubs and yoga will certainly help you recover your equanimity.

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