9 Zodiac Signs That Are Prone to Cheating

By Nataly Porter Mar 11, 2024
There are 9 zodiacs that cheat more often than others. Do you want to check if your partner's sign among them?

Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Cheat?

Do you still believe that all men are polygamous while women are monogamous? Then, we have to upset you because your views are outdated. The world is constantly changing. The modern point of view is that astrology explains the propensity to cheat. Many years ago, rich people used astrology to find faithful wives. Egyptian Pharaohs used astrology to find out which woman would suit them best. Some signs are born to cheat, and being faithful to them is something extraordinary. See the list of the nine most unfaithful signs below and find out if your partner belongs to one of them!

Cheating for Cancer


Aquarius natives might not be too touchy-feely with someone else, but don't be surprised if they send cheeky messages to an ex-lover or playfully charm someone at a bar just to win a couple of free cocktails.

Of course, they don't cross THAT line too often, but some people think that such a game indulges in an emotional cheating zone. It's safe to say that their top partners wouldn't be thrilled if they found out about these antics.


Aries is energetic, enthusiastic, and sometimes has that special “act now, think later” approach. They strive to live life to the fullest, chase new experiences, and, yes, sometimes feel the competitive itch. Because of this energetic approach, wandering glances can be thrown at them from time to time. But hey, it's not fair to paint all Aries with the same brush. Everyone is different, and there are many factors involved. Not every Aries plays on the field!

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Scorpio, with Mars and Pluto in its corner, is filled with deep and mysterious vibes. They are insanely dedicated to their partners, but… sometimes, they have an ardent passion that can lead them astray. They are quite attractive and have the ability to, let's say, "explore" the boundaries of the relationship. Also, they are experts at playing their cards close to the chest, so it's hard to know if they're up to anything. It's like trying to read a book with half the pages missing.

Cheating for Virgo


Virgos have a natural inclination towards precision. But remember, Virgos are thinkers. Over-thinkers, to be exact. This means they might stew over the minor bumps in love's road. While they are not the usual suspects of cheating, if they ever did, it would likely be after a ton of internal debate and guilt. But a twist? Their meticulous nature can make it difficult to catch them red-handed. However, it is important to know that most Virgos prefer harmony in relationships to tricky business.

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When it comes to love, Caps are typically in it for the long haul, valuing stability and loyalty. But here's the thing: Capricorns are also very ambitious. Sometimes, in their quest for the top, they can get a little distracted. However, being the master planners, they would probably have prepared every alibi and every detail. It's like trying to catch a ghost.

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Cheating for Taurus


Sagittarius is the sign that is famous for its adventures. These natives aren't born to sit at home and enjoy long-term relationships. They usually find their joy in diversity. Sagittarius can be in long-term relations and, at the same time, have affairs in another place. Besides, this trait of character doesn't concern work only. They are very goal-oriented and may achieve their career or financial goals trampling over others. Sag's ego doesn't allow it to think about others.

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The dual nature of Gemini makes them prone to cheating. Anyway, it's not the main reason for their behavior. In most cases, Gemini is childish and playful. These natives consider love affairs just a game. They don't think about the feelings of their significant other. If Gemini is caught cheating, they won't suffer long as they sincerely fail to understand why it offends their partner.

Is it worth forgiving Gemini? Of course, but the reason is that it's tough to live keeping an offense inside. Mind that forgiving doesn't mean you should continue your relationship with this sign.

Cheating for Leo


Being assertive and sure about its irradiance, Leo seldom stays loyal, even in long-term relationships. They consider cheating as a hunt and see nothing wrong with it. Besides, Leo is sure they should share their irresistibility with as many people as possible. In rare cases, Leo finds a person who makes them turn into decent family people. If your partner belongs to Leo reps, don't lose your time hoping they will change. The chances are low.

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Libra is very selective in everything, from studies to food and drinks. At first sight, they may seem indecisive, but it's a deceptive opinion. They think a lot before making the right decision. So if they cheat, they do it with a cold head and without regret. There are no accidental affairs for Libra. So, if you think about whether to forgive your Libra partner or not, you'd better not to. A long-term relationship isn't suitable for them.

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