Two Of Wands Meaning: Suit of Wands

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Two of Wands calls for choice, but well thought-out choice. Do not be hasty to move forward without first assessing each situation. Be sure to think through both options and not just jump into the more attractive one. It is not always better on the other side. This card is bringing to light that a decision needs to happen, it is not saying it needs to happen immediately.

What Does Two of Wands Tarot Card Mean

Looking out across the landscape, we see a man adorned in a red hat and robe. In his hand is a small world sphere. He has the entire world within his hand and he is obviously evaluating his next steps. Though he has not taken that initial step from the safety of the castle, his comfort zone, he is on the precipice. With one hand on a staff and every potential in front of him, he needs only to plan accordingly and focus on overcoming any missteps that may happen. Two of Wands' meaning is within these future decisions.

Two of Wands Tarot Keywords

When the Two of Wands is upright, its keywords include progression, forward momentum, thinking ahead, deciding on a path, making plans, and options.

When the Two of Wands is reversed, its keywords include alignment, indecision, casual movement, lack of direction, and fear of forward movement.

Two of Wands works to push you forward.
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Two of Wands Upright Meaning

The Two of Wands upright is setting the scene for your manifestations. You have been inspired and now you must hone that inspiration into decisions. No matter which path you choose, this is for the long haul, for true change and growth in your life. Two of Wands could also signify wanderlust and the desire to change your scenery. While this card is very positive and full of forward momentum, don’t be hasty in a decision made. Take the time to plan the exact steps and follow those toward the end goal.

Upright Health

Still an intense symbol of two paths, Two of Wands, when dealing with health issues, calls for looking for those second opinions. There may be a better option out there for you. While it may not seem like a big deal to just take the first option given to you, a second opinion may prove better.

Upright Love

Two of Wands upright in love can be harmful for a relationship. There may be discontent or distance in the relationship. This card may even signify cheating. If you are feeling a bit tethered down, it may be time to spread your wings and change your status. Don’t jump to conclusions and communicate openly. True feelings will surface.

Upright Money and Career

Two of Wands can be seen as scary or amazing in money and career, depending on your desire for change and adventure. Financially, you are stable and secure. You do not have worries. In your career, however, big changes could be happening. Promotion or completely new career path? You get to choose.

Choosing the path and making decisions is what Two of Wands is all about.
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Two of Wands Reversed Meaning

When Two of Wands reversed is pulled, it is much less positive and tends to signify lack or fear, indecision or failure to move, and mundane living or self-doubt. This card could also be telling you to get back to the drawing board and rethink some recent decisions. While this card could be telling you to take that chance you are scared of, trust that Two of Wands has your best interest at heart, upright or reversed.

Reversed Health

Similar to upright, Two of Wands reversed in health advises you to seek other opinions. This card also wants you to know that there may be a deeper cause for your health issues. You will be able to heal from illness as long as you are treating the root cause and not only the symptoms.

Reversed Love

Mundane or settling is the feeling Two of Wands reversed in love gives off. Being in a relationship is not always the best choice if you are doing it because it is safe. Being single could open new doors. Do not cheat your life away by playing safe. It is not fair to either party.

Reversed Money and Career

When Two of Wands shows up reversed, this is all about instability and stagnation. Financially, you could have made some poor choices and are now seeing the consequences. You may feel like you are not fulfilled in your chosen career or do not have the ability to progress in it. Major decisions will need to be made in order to move through this difficult time.

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