Money Horoscope for virgo
Things are still very active on the income front this month, despite the fact that the Sun, Mercury and Venus all left your income sector last month, as is normally the case. The reason things are not only still active but potentially even more active than they have been is that you still have Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos in your income sector. Mars is making his first visit in two years and where the Sun might shine the solar spotlight on your income situation, matters and options, Venus might update your wish list and Mercury might give you the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game, the warrior planet of the cosmos is here to make things happen. Once he leaves on 19th November Mars knows that he won't return until 2021, so will be working overtime to fire up your warrior spirit. Mars works by giving you the courage and the warrior spirit needed to fight for what you deserve but in order to be most effective, it can't be just about the money. In order to fight for what you deserve, you must first believe that you deserve it and unless you have a belief in yourself across all the currencies in your life, this will be less effective. The biggest problem when you have Mars as the last planet in an area of your chart is that he is full of hot headed enthusiasm but doesn't stay around to see things through. This could see your fighting spirit drop back and his quests go back into mothballs for another two years. However, this is when a small twist in fate could have massive long term consequences. On 4th November the asteroid Juno will return to your income sector for the first time in four years. An asteroid can't whip things up and get things in action in the way that a planet like Mars can, but Juno is the queen of commitment and here now until September 2020, this will allow you to remain committed to what Mars begins in a way not seen before.