Money Horoscope for virgo
While you technically begin the month with planetary activity in both your two money houses, this falls right in the Goldilocks zone. This is the zone where there is just enough planetary activity in order to give you something to work with but not enough that it can create challenges or demands. None of the planetary activity in either of your two money houses are what we might consider planets in the strictest astronomical definition, but astrologically anything that moves in the heavens is a planet. Whether it is the asteroid Juno in your income sector or the dwarf planet Eris in your financial sector, astrologically these are planets. Yet because they are not full sized planets and because they are well supported, you have all the benefits and none of the challenges. To begin the year with the asteroid Juno in your income sector is doing more than keeping the momentum going, with the queen of commitment keeping things on track. With Venus, the planet of money in your work sector until 14th January and as she is on a mission to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction, support from Juno is priceless.
While the Moon will make its first visit to your income sector for the year from 16th January to 18th January, missing Venus by just two days, it will be here to ensure your nose for money is sharp when Mercury returns to your work sector on 17th January. With the Sun returning on 21st January and more planetary activity on the job front over the coming months, they will all benefit from having Juno in your income sector. Meanwhile, Eris' direct turn in your financial sector on 11th January will bring a chance to shift your focus on money matters away from the rearview mirror and onto where you are going. With Venus returning next month, this is a chance to start looking to the future and to this new financial year. Unlike your income sector, where the focus is on money coming in, Eris' focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have.
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