Money Horoscope for capricorn
Because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of February in your income sector the solar spotlight is always on your income situation, matters and options at this time of year. However, this is where the similarities to any other year begin and end. The difference this year is that you have Saturn and Jupiter here and they will not only stay on after the faster moving planets move through but will continue to expand your options while giving you the power to move mountains if you have to. While Saturn and Jupiter returned in December, as their focus is on the long game it wasn't until the Sun and Mercury returned last month that this became real. The Sun is here until 18th February, putting the solar spotlight on the small steps you can make now but also the long term implications having Saturn here until 2023 and lucky Jupiter for the first and the last five months of 2021 will have. Mercury will normally move through in 14 to 15 days, giving you just two weeks to utilise his smart head for money. Instead, while Mercury returned earlier last month, a retrograde turn will not only keep him here until early March but until turning direct on 21st February this gives you a chance to spend time back at the drawing board. It is Venus' return from 2nd February to 26th February that could have significant implications, with her time here often creating the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year. However, it has been 12 years since Venus and Jupiter, the planets of money and luck have come together in your income sector in 12 years, with their alignment on 12th February especially auspicious. What makes this even more auspicious is that this is the same day that a New Moon will energise all the planets here while triggering the potential for new income potential and developments. With Mercury still in retrograde motion, this includes untapped income potential from the past.