Money Horoscope for capricorn
This is not only a month of two halves as far as your income situation and matters are concerned but in preparation for a change in the dynamics of the financial year itself next month. At the start of the month it is business as usual, if you could ever call having Saturn and Jupiter, the two most powerful planets in the solar system in your income sector usual. Jupiter and Saturn returned within days of each other in December and in their early months worked as a tight unit, Jupiter exploring possibilities and Saturn giving you the determination to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. However, while Saturn is slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn on 23rd May, Jupiter is not only racing ahead but so much so that instead of the 12 months he would normally spend here, he will leave your income sector on 14th May. Jupiter will retrograde back in at the end of July and then spend another five months here, with that visit a chance to harvest the seeds that the planet of luck and expansion has planted during his first five months here. With Jupiter leaving and Saturn then turning retrograde, this will halt all forward movement and bring a chance to instead pull back and retrace your steps. Whether it is Jupiter's final days of pushing things forward and planting as many seeds as possible until he leaves on 14th May or Saturn in his final days in direct and then his early days in retrograde motion, there is wall to wall support. Mars left your work sector on 23rd April but Mercury's return on 4th May, Venus' on 9th May and the Sun on 21st May will ensure there is plenty of support. While Venus will spend 24 days steering work and job matters in a lucrative direction, a retrograde turn on 30th May will not only keep Mercury here but he won't leave until just a day before Jupiter returns to your income sector on 29th July.