monthly Money Horoscope for capricorn

While it is business as usual as you move into the new financial year, all your senses will be alert to the fact that everything is about to start coming together. After returning to your income sector in May 2020, Saturn's nearly three year visit is now in its final months and due to leave in March he is ready to bring things home. Whatever challenges you have had to face, the lessons learnt or what you have invested, everything is paused and ready to come together. Saturn has helped you put in the hard work and now it is a combination of factors that all come together to make this the month when you can start seeing the results. Since his return to your work sector in August Saturn has been fostering a partnership with Mars, who after months in retrograde motion will turn direct on 13th January. It was also just before Christmas that the dwarf planet Ceres returned to your career sector for her first deep dive into your professional needs and priorities in four years. This saw all the pieces start coming together, something that has locked in a partnership between planets across the income, work and career fronts.
All you are waiting for now is the right trigger, something that can get things moving on the income front and start capitalising on everything that has already been invested. That trigger is Venus, with the planet of money not only returning to your income sector on 3rd January but two months earlier than she did last year. Until leaving on 27th January Venus will not only work with Saturn but will form a friendly aspect to Mars and Ceres as she moves through, bringing the different forces into play across the income, work and career fronts into an even tighter alignment. Venus' return to your income sector can make these the most lucrative weeks of any year but rarely with this kind of powder keg of potential. This is something that the Sun's return to your income sector on 20th January and the Moon's return two days later as a New Moon will capitalise on. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity on the other side of the financial fence, the Moon's return to your financial sector from 8th January to 11th January will be a chance to check in on money matters.