Money Horoscope for capricorn
With no planetary activity in either of your two money houses, the Moon's monthly visits to both have become a lot more important. However, both when the Moon is and isn't in either your income or financial sectors there is a different focus on each, especially as you don't need the Moon to focus on either. Months of planetary activity on the financial front, the money house that is more focused on what you do with the money you have, only wrapped up in the closing days of August. With no more planets here until mid 2020, when it comes to money matters as a whole, you are still looking back to or operating on what is already banked. When the Moon moves through your financial sector from 18th November to 20th November, as well as fuelling your financial instincts and imagination, this will be a valuable chance to check in and take care of any maintenance or financial housekeeping. It is a very different story on the income front, where there has been no planetary activity since March. However, with Venus returning next month the lucrative conditions that usually begin with the Sun's return in January, will come into effect a month earlier. With Saturn returning to your income sector in March and Jupiter next December, on the income front you are looking ahead. This makes the timing of the Moon's return to your income sector from 4th November to 6th November especially significant. This is a chance to sharpen your nose for money just as Mars is firing things up professionally, with its lucrative sense of direction able to steer the rest of this professional year in a lucrative direction. The Moon also returns just hours before Juno's return to your career sector on 4th November and here until September 2020, as the queen of commitment she will maintain a steady professional course during major developments on the income front in 2020.