monthly Money Horoscope for aries

While it is business as usual on both sides of the financial fence for the first part of the month, the pendulum is preparing to swing from one side to the other or at least become a lot more balanced. Since their return to your two money houses in January and until they leave in July 2023, the lunar nodes are working to maintain a balance between money coming in and money going out while also having their own mandate. For the North Node in your income sector its focus is always on the future and on maintaining a lucrative sense of direction while for the South Node in your financial sector, the focus is more on the past and a better understanding of where you have been. While the lunar nodes have worked to keep things balanced, with Uranus in your income sector but no planets in your financial sector, there has been more weight on the income side of the financial fence. This has been good news for income potential and especially with continuing planetary activity in your work sector and Pluto turning direct in your career sector on 9th October. However, as the lunar nodes are working to maintain the right balance, this hasn't been possible but that is about to change and fairly suddenly. In one fell swoop the Sun and Venus, the planet of money will both return to your financial sector on 23rd October, beginning the first planetary activity on this side of the financial fence this year. With Uranus still in your income sector but in retrograde motion so therefore not competing with a new focus on money matters, this is finally a chance to achieve the right balance. At the same time, because the lunar nodes are in your two money houses this means we have reached eclipse season, starting with a solar eclipse in your financial sector on 27th October and then followed by a total lunar eclipse in your income sector two weeks later. This is going to energise both sides of the financial fence.
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