Money Horoscope for aries
The focus is always on your financial situation and money matters at this time of year. Always has been and always will, due to the fact that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your financial sector. What is not the norm or at least hasn't been until now, is to have Uranus on the other side of the sky in your income sector at the time, demanding that focus on income matters isn't forgotten. Uranus, in your income sector now until 2026, is solely focused on money coming in and in retrograde motion until January, more specifically on untapped income potential. For the most part the Sun, Venus and Mercury's return to your financial sector last month hasn't been a problem. Apart from oppositions just days after each returned and the financial tension this may have created at the time, both sides of the financial fence should be able to stay in their own lane. Your financial sector is more focused on what you do with the money you have and until leaving on 23rd November, will keep the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters, in a way that asks you to keep your eyes open and head out of the sand. This is a valuable point in any year to take care of financial housekeeping and also to push the 'reset' button. Until she leaves on 2nd November Venus' focus is more on fuelling your financial confidence and updating your financial wish list, while Mercury will give you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game all month. However, in retrograde motion until 21st November the first three weeks of the month aren't the ideal time for pushing forward and are best suited to time spent back at the drawing board. That works to your advantage because it is not until Mars' returns on 19th November that a push to take your financial power back will begin. Once here, Mars will continue to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit through to the New Year.