Love Horoscope for taurus

While the Sun doesn't return to your romantic sector until 23rd August each year, things have already got off to an early start thanks to Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion. Last year Venus didn't return to your romantic sector until October, long after the Sun had been and gone and Mars didn't return at all. So to begin August with Venus and Mars already in your romantic sector not only gets things off to an early start but to a more romantically charged start than you are used to. While Mars will spend the whole month fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit, Venus is only here until 16th August. These can be the most romantically charged weeks of any year and with Mars staying on, Mercury returning to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page on 12th August and the Sun returning on 23rd August, Venus' legacy will live on. By the time the Sun turns the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart and all things romantic, it will have been just over a month since Venus first returned, with a lot of water having passed under the bridge in that time. Without the Sun's reality checks, Venus and Mars have time to create a whole new sense of what's possible, with their mission to break the romantic drought well underway by then. The Moon will move through from 10th August to 12th August, while Venus and Mars are still here but before the Sun and Mercury's more objective approach to matters of the heart begins. These romantically charged lunar vibes will enjoy the full force of the planets of love and passion's influence, making these some of the most romantically charged days of an already romantically charged month. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity on the relationship front until Venus returns to your relationship sector next month, the Moon's visit from 14th August to 16th August is a chance to become more emotionally engaged.
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