Love Horoscope for scorpio

There is something special developing on the romantic front this month or more accurately, something special continues to develop. It began with Jupiter's unexpected returned to your romantic sector in May. The planet of luck and expansion is not only early to return but so early that a retrograde turn last month will see him retrograde back out on 29th July, just two and a half months after returning for what is normally a 12 month visit. Jupiter will return in December, which was initially when he was expected to return. This makes this more an exploratory visit, with a chance to plant seeds and get the wheels turning. This is giving Jupiter a chance to spend time with dreamy Neptune, who turned retrograde late last month as well but won't retrograde back out. Neptune will stay on when Jupiter leaves and will also be here when he returns, keeping the romantic dream alive while holding the doors open to the past. With the planets of luck and dreams both in retrograde motion, there is a strong sense of romantic nostalgia in the air that will continue even after Jupiter retrogrades back out. Throughout Jupiter's remaining weeks he will have the support of the Sun in an adventurous part of your chart, continuing on from the same support Venus and Mars provided over recent months. The Moon will begin the month in your romantic sector but will leave on 1st July, getting the month off to a romantically charged start. This is the Moon's first visit since Jupiter and Neptune's retrograde turn so the first this year with a sense of romantic nostalgia. The Moon will return from 26th July to 28th July, with romantically charged lunar vibes in play during Jupiter's final days. The Moon will leave a day before Jupiter leaves on 29th July. Meanwhile, things are a lot more settled on the relationship front this month, with the dwarf planet Ceres continuing to define your relationship needs and priorities before leaving your relationship sector on 31st July.
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