Love Horoscope for scorpio
With both planets in your romantic sector already in retrograde motion, Uranus' retrograde turn in your relationship sector on 16th August puts even more focus on the past. For dreamy Neptune, in your romantic sector from 2012 to 2026, he will always spend from June to November of each year in retrograde motion but this year, the dwarf planet Ceres is along for the ride. Ceres only turned retrograde last month and will retrograde back out next month, making this the planet charged with updating your heart's needs and priorities' first, last and only full month in retrograde motion here. Meanwhile, while still in the first full year of a nearly seven year visit to your relationship sector, Uranus' retrograde turn is something that will happen each August until he to leaves in 2026. This makes having all planets in your romantic and relationship sectors in retrograde motion from 16th August a mix of the old and the new normal. The Moon's return to your relationship sector from 10th August to 13th August will be the last while Uranus is still in direct motion and while you are still staying in the moment rather than focused on the past. However, while all planets in your romantic and relationship sectors will be in retrograde motion from 18th August not all your romantic focus is on the past. The planet bucking the trend is Venus, with the planet of love finally returning to an adventurous part of your chart on 8th August. Held back by a retrograde phase, Venus will return to find the Sun and Mercury gone and that until she leaves early next month that she has the place to herself. This will put Venus at a friendly aspect to both planets in your romantic sector, creating a month rich with a mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia or especially from 8th August.
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