Love Horoscope for scorpio

Even though Jupiter has been in your romantic sector since the end of last year and Neptune since 2012, it was only last month that they came together. It wasn't just an alignment between the planets of luck and dreams that gave the spirit of romance a boost but the arrival of Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion. Even the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment returned late last month and here now until January 2023, even though this romantic surge will wane she will stay on to keep the dream and a sense of conviction alive. However, things are still at the height as you move into the new month with Venus and Jupiter aligned. With Venus leaving on 3rd May and Jupiter on 11th May, the planets of love and luck have come together to give the spirit of romance the kind of boost that will have long term implications. Mars will stay on and until leaving on 25th May he will continue to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit. This will get a boost with the Moon's return from 23rd May to 25th May, with these romantically charged lunar vibes adding more fuel to Mars' final days here. With the Moon and Mars both leaving on 25th May, this is when this wave will ease off. However, with Neptune here until 2026 and Juno until January 2023, they will stay on to keep the dream and a sense of conviction alive. Meanwhile, as is always the case the Sun will spend the first three weeks of May in your relationship sector, shining the solar spotlight on your relationships. While Mercury, the planet of communication left on 30th April, he will retrograde back in on 23rd May, two days after the Sun leaves. Mercury left just as the Moon returned, allowing you to begin the month emotionally engaged and connected. Aligned with the Sun to create an eclipsing New Moon, until leaving on 2nd May the Moon will get the month off to a good start.
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