Love Horoscope for libra
This is an unexpectedly good month for romantic and relationship matters, both in terms of what the love and relationship gods deliver now and the promise of what this holds for the future. On both fronts, there is something big developing that while not obvious this month, makes this month a foundation for what is to follow. On face value, it is business as usual and what you would expect from the second month of any year. For you, what business as usual looks like is the Sun in your romantic sector during the first three weeks of February and both planets in your relationship sector back in direct motion and starting to gain traction. On the romantic front what you see is what you get but while Mercury will be gone from your romantic sector by 4th February and the Sun will leave on 19th February there will be a strong sense that things are unfinished. That is because not only will Mercury retrograde back in for a double dip visit early next month you have Saturn returning to your romantic sector for the first time in three decades and Mars for the first time in two years. It is in March that extraordinary developments not seen on the romantic front in decades will begin, with the full quota of romantic activity you normally get in February, this time just the warm up. Meanwhile, Venus' return to your relationship sector on 8th February will be a surprise with the Sun, who she normally travels with, not returning until later next month. Venus is racing ahead, something that will eventually force her to turn retrograde and wait for the Sun but for now, this is an early gift from the relationship gods. Again, we have a taste of things to come, for what Venus begins Mars will finish when he returns in June but doesn't leave until 2021. On both the romantic and relationship fronts there are major developments ahead, with February the stepping stone or the start of the journey.
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