Love Horoscope for libra
Starting the year with Venus, the planet of love in your romantic sector is definitely an advantage and it could be said that you have won the love gods' lottery. While the Sun will return to your romantic sector on 21st January, Venus will be gone by then, making her time here a separate chapter. The Sun will return to shine the solar spotlight on matters of the heart and all things romantic at this time every year, looking at things in a more objective way than Venus will. As the planet of love, Venus is pure romance and having returned just before Christmas, she is able to get this year off to a romantically charged start. Because Venus won't return again until 2021, she will be working to make the first two weeks of this year count. Mercury will return on 17th January and as the planet of communication, he brings with him a chance to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. Mercury will be here when the Sun returns on 21st January, over a month after Venus initially returned last month. It is the Moon's return to your romantic sector from 25th January to 27th January that will create the first New Moon of 2020 and by that time you should have something to commit to. {ads_delimiter}A New Moon is an opportunity for new beginnings and by then, no matter where things stand, this will be an opportunity to draw a new line in the sand. Meanwhile, there is good news on the relationship front as well. While Chiron turned direct in your relationship sector last month, Eris' direct turn on 11th January will finally shift your focus away from the past and onto the road ahead. However, while this is a turning point for your relationships, with a chance to put the past behind you, this isn't the good news I was referring to. The good news is Mars' return to your communication sector on 3rd January, where for the next six weeks he will not only declare war on communication barriers but will actively support both planets in your relationship sector. This makes January a good month for romantic and relationship matters.
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