Love Horoscope for libra
There are some interesting developments on the romantic and relationship fronts this month, with a lot of twists, turns and changes. The month begins with the remaining planets in your relationship sector regrouping after the Sun, Venus and Mercury all left your relationship sector last month. One of those planets is the dwarf planet Ceres, who returned in February to update your relationship needs and priorities for the first time in four years. Ceres will leave your relationship sector on 8th May and just 18 days after the Sun took the solar spotlight off your relationships, this will leave you with a good sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. With Ceres gone, there will be enough planetary activity to keep the momentum going but it will become more about the journey. At the same time that you are just getting to this point, Jupiter is also working to make the most of his final days in your romantic sector. Jupiter returned in December for what is normally a 12 month visit and while he will retrograde back in at the end of July, once he leaves on 14th May things will become less urgent. {ads_delimiter}Until then, on the romantic front, it is all about following your heart as you look to and invest in the future. That journey will continue but with Saturn's retrograde turn you will then experience a shift in focus. With Saturn in your romantic sector until 2023 things were never going to go off the boil but slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn on 23rd May, as well as slowing down the focus is shifting from the future to the past, as old doors open. The Moon will make two visits to your romantic sector this month and they will be very different. When the Moon moves through from 3rd May to 5th May, Jupiter will still be here but in his final days will inject these romantically charged lunar vibes with his bullish sense of confidence and a sense of urgency. By the time the Moon comes full circle on 30th May Jupiter will be gone, Saturn will be in romantic nostalgia and these romantically charged lunar vibes will be thick with a sense of romantic nostalgia.