Love Horoscope for leo

It was in the closing days of July that Jupiter retrograded back into your relationship sector, just two and a half months after leaving. Normally, Jupiter will spend 12 months focused on your relationships, will leave and not return for another 11 years. However, after having just returned in December 2020, Jupiter left less than five months after arriving, so has returned to finish what he started. What Jupiter, the largest, most powerful but also the most benefic of the planets of the solar system finds this time what he didn't earlier in the year, is planets in Leo. You would have felt this the moment Jupiter moved back into your relationship sector in the closing days of July, moving into an opposition with Mars in his final hours in Leo. While the planets returning to Leo this year have all clashed with Saturn in your relationship sector and this has already put a balance between your personal and relationship needs to the test, this was more to expose what work or relationship housekeeping was required. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and when he exposes any balance issues it is to expose where there is the potential for second chances or an opportunity for a do over. {ads_delimiter}Mercury, the planet of communication will clash with Jupiter just before he leaves Leo on 12th August, creating a push to ensure the communication lines are open. It is just days later that communication support pops up again, this time with Venus, the planet of love returning to your communication sector on 16th August. Venus will be here when a second Full Moon in your relationship sector on 23rd August will once again put a balance between your personal and relationship needs to the test. Then, just 14 days after leaving Leo, Mercury will not only return to your communication sector on 30th August but a retrograde turn will keep him here until November. After clashing with Jupiter in the early part of the month, the planet of communication will go on to support Jupiter and your relationships for months to come.
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