Love Horoscope for leo
Because the Sun will always return to your relationship sector in January this is always going to be a month when, at some point, the focus will shift onto your relationships. This year you not only have a head start but the right kind of head start. It is the Sun's return to your relationship sector on 21st January that will always turn the solar spotlight onto your relationships at around this time every year. However, by then you should have a clear and confident sense of what you want from your relationships and this is all thanks to Venus. Venus, the planet of love returned to your relationship sector just before Christmas and until leaving on 14th January, will be updating your relationship wish list and attracting opportunities. Venus' departure will leave your relationship sector temporarily empty with Mercury, the planet of communication returning on 17th January to focus more on the communication lines before the Sun returns four days later. This will give Venus and Mercury and therefore heart and mind time on their own, before the solar spotlight shifts onto your relationships. It helps that you also start the year with Juno, queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships in your communication sector. However, it is not just your relationships that get a boost this month. When Mercury left your romantic sector late last month, he wrapped up a period of continuous planetary activity that had begun in October 2018 and included Jupiter's 13 month visit. With Jupiter having left early last month, the Sun just before Christmas and Mercury late last month you would be right to assume that a romantic chapter had run its course. Except nothing could be further from the truth, with Mars' return on 3rd January allowing matters of the heart and all things romantic to catch their second wind. With Mars here until mid February this is a chance to exploit all the romantic potential created in the past.
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