Love Horoscope for leo
This month is not so much the end of an era but the beginning of the end of an era. You have had lucky Jupiter in your romantic sector since November 2018, expanding both the importance of matters of the heart and the potential for growth and opportunities on the romantic front. Whatever this year has or hasn't delivered on the romantic front, a lot of what has been invested is yet to bear fruit and the planets that can fully exploit this aren't even here yet. The beginning of the end of the era begins with Jupiter's departure in the early days of the month, with this constant fixture for the last 13 months gone by 3rd December. Because Venus left late last month, with the planets of love and luck gone you might think that romantic matters have run their course but far from it. The Sun will keep the solar spotlight on matters of the heart until leaving your romantic sector on 22nd December, while Mercury will give your heart a voice and work to put heart and mind on the same page from 9th December to 29th December. This does mean that you will end the year with no planetary activity on the romantic front, but Mars' return in the New Year will make January and February 2020 the months with the full potential is exploited. Meanwhile, the love and relationship gods both have Christmas gifts. The first is Venus, the planet of love's return to your relationship sector on 20th December. With the Sun still nearly a month away by then, apart from the Moon's return in the final days of the year, Venus will spend her entire time here alone. To have the planet of love spend Christmas, New Year and the holiday period in your relationship sector is special and with major relationship developments in 2020, will be a time to update your relationship wish list. Venus will be here when the love gods deliver their gift, which is a romantically charged Moon over Christmas itself.