Love Horoscope for gemini
There are exciting developments on both the romantic and relationship fronts this month. This is due to the fact that romantic forces that should have run their course last month are still in play and will be throughout the month and relationship matters, which have been active all year, get a special shot in the arm much earlier in the month than you would normally expect. As is usually the case the Sun, Venus and Mercury all left your romantic sector last month but in what is not usually the case, this was far from the end of the romantic energy in play. Instead, this has allowed Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos to make it all about him and his mission to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit. And until leaving your romantic sector on 19th November, this is what Mars will continue to do. By coincidence, the asteroid Juno not only returns to your romantic sector on 4th November but a retrograde turn next year will keep her here until September 2020. While not enough to generate romantic fervour in the first place, as the queen of commitment Juno can keep the flame burning long after Mars leaves. In the meantime Venus, who was instrumental in supporting Jupiter in his early months in your relationship sector at the start of the year, comes full circle to help bring things home. Venus' return to your relationship sector on 2nd November will bring the planets of love and luck together, in what will be a repeat of when they met up in January. Just having Venus visit your relationship sector twice in one year is rare but to team up with lucky Jupiter both times, once at the start of his journey and again towards the end, is beyond auspicious and suggests that this was always part of the relationship gods plan. With Jupiter leaving early next month and Venus here until 26th November, she is on hand to make his last full month here count. By the time the Sun returns on 23rd November to shine the solar spotlight on your relationships, Venus and Jupiter will be in their final days here. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, these are some of the most auspicious conditions you are going to find and they will have a flow on effect into next month and into the New Year.