Love Horoscope for capricorn
While Venus, the planet of love left Capricorn just before Christmas her influence is apparent from the get go. It was less that Venus had a chance to update your romantic and relationship desires and expectations before you began your birthday month and new solar year or moved into the New Year and more what she experienced during her time here. Venus won't return to Capricorn until early next year, so won't spend a moment of 2020 here. However, she doesn't need to and not just because she has already banked your romantic and relationship desires and expectations. When Venus moved through Capricorn all she had to go on was what your heart was telling you and the cosmic conditions she knew you had to work with. It is the latter that had Venus continuously going back to your heart, asking that it raise the bar, knowing that the possibilities ahead were almost limitless. For the first time in eight decades, you begin the year with Uranus in your romantic sector and while he returned last March, it wasn't until Venus moved through Capricorn and into a friendly aspect last month that she saw the possibilities. {ads_delimiter}Uranus is turning direct in your romantic sector on 11th January and still surrounded by support from the planets in Capricorn, if the romantic desires and expectations Venus left you with feel more like wishful thinking, it is because she knows what's possible. You also not only begin the year with the North Node in your relationship sector but there will be a lunar eclipse here on 10th/11th January. Venus connected directly with Uranus and the North Node as she moved through Capricorn, so she knows the enormous power and potential they both have access to and the ongoing support for romantic and relationship matters. The Moon's first visit to your romantic sector this year comes while Uranus is still in retrograde motion, with romantically charged lunar vibes from 5th January to 7th January tapping into a sense of romantic nostalgia. It is the Moon's first visit to your relationship sector for the year from 9th January to 11th January that will create the lunar eclipse and the breakthroughs this will make possible.
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