Love Horoscope for capricorn
On both the romantic and relationship fronts, you have major forces in play but forces that are largely working in the background. The North Node, in partnership with the South Node in Capricorn, is both working to keep your relationships on track and to maintain a balance between your personal and relationship needs. The lunar nodes have been doing this since November 2018 and will continue until May 2020. While North Node will continue to do this, especially as the number of planets in Capricorn increase and you start to take your personal power back, the real test will be during a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector next month. For Venus, having the North Node in your relationship sector is making her job of updating your relationship expectations relatively easy. By the same token, having Uranus in your romantic sector also making Venus' job a lot easier, with the planet of love having a dream run through Capricorn. Venus' job, when she returns to Capricorn is to update your romantic and relationship desires and expectations and also to help attract what you want on both fronts. It has been 17 years since Venus last returned to find the North Node, a lucky force but also one that provides a clear since of direction in your relationship sector. At the same time, this is the first time that Venus has returned to Capricorn to find serendipitous Uranus in your romantic sector in eight decades. Venus, the planet of love is in Capricorn until 20th December, giving her plenty of time to not just update your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for 2020 but to exploit the potential available on both fronts. Fortunately the Moon will visit both your romantic and relationship sectors before Venus leaves Capricorn, giving her a chance to both enhance and capitalise on what will be the Moon's last visits to both this year. Matters of the heart will get their chance when the Moon moves through your romantic sector from 8th December to 10th December and your relationships will get their chance, when the Moon moves through your relationship sector from 13th December to 15th December.