Love Horoscope for cancer

While this is not normally an active point in the year on the romantic front, there is not only something special in the air here this month but on the relationship front as well. While Venus, the planet of love will leave an adventurous part of your chart on 3rd May, she leaves behind Mars who will continue to add fuel to a mix of romance, passion and adventure they spent much of last month fuelling. While this is enough to keep the spirit of romance alive, what gives this additional juice is having the South Node in your romantic sector. While the South Node has been in your romantic sector since January, it is only now that the Sun is in the right position to turn an ordinary Full Moon in your romantic sector on 16th May into a total lunar eclipse. Halfway between the Sun's last visit to your romantic sector and the next, this is a Full Moon that can always give the spirit of romance a boost and at the least active point in any year on the romantic front can break a romantic drought. As an eclipsing Full Moon this has a lot more energy and with Mars in an adventurous part of your chart until 25th May, will add even more fuel to a mix of romance, passion and adventure. The Moon will return to your romantic sector on 14th May, giving these romantically charged lunar vibes two days to build before peaking as a lunar eclipse on 16th May. Meanwhile, Pluto's retrograde turn in your relationship sector on 30th April means that you begin the month with the focus having just shifted onto the past. Pluto turned retrograde just as Mercury, the planet of communication left your friendship sector. However, with the Sun there until 21st May and Mercury retrograding back in for a double dip visit on 23rd May, support for friendship and relationship building will remain strong as the doors open to the past and second chances.
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