Love Horoscope for cancer

While the Sun will always return to your romantic sector on 23rd October and this is the point in any year when the solar spotlight will shift onto matters of the heart and all things romantic, the love gods weren't prepared to wait this year. You not only begin the month with Venus in your romantic sector but the planet of love has already been here for nearly three weeks by then. Last year Venus didn't return until November, so to have had her not only return in September but gone before the Sun even returns not only gets things off to an early start but will extend the timeframe of this romantic chapter. The Sun will always spend a month in your romantic sector and as Venus and Mercury return at around the same time, all planetary activity on the romantic front can be condensed into as little as five weeks. That is not the case this year, with Venus' early return giving things an early start while Mars' return on 31st October will extend the romantic influence out to December. With Venus leaving on 8th October she will never be here at the same time as Mars but what begins with the planet of love and ends with the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos has everything going for it. There is a gap between Venus' departure on 8th October and the Sun's return on 23rd October but the asteroid Vesta is here during that time and as the goddess of the hearth, she can tend to the romantic flame during. Meanwhile, it is just a day before Venus leaves that Pluto will not only turn direct in your relationship sector but begin preparations for the planet of love's return early next month. Normally spending just 24 days in your relationship sector each year, Venus will return early next month but then not leave until March 2022, with Pluto's turnaround a chance to start looking to the future.