Love Horoscope for aries
There is something special developing on the relationship front or more accurately has developed. December is not only a massive month professionally it is a gateway into 2020 and the massive expansion that will continue to unfold. To have any planetary activity on the romantic or relationship fronts at this time of year is rare, so this could have been bad news for your personal life. However, while Mars' departure from your relationship sector last month wrapped up months of activity on the relationship front and with it some challenges at times, it hasn't left your relationships without support. Left behind is Juno, an asteroid but also the queen of commitment and especially commitment to your relationships. The fact that Juno is an asteroid means that she will work behind the scenes and is not in the same league as and therefore is not a threat to the big boys of the solar system. Normally here for less than three months, the fact that Juno is staying on means that you are able to commit to everything invested into your relationships over recent months, making it easier to keep your relationships on track. However, a retrograde turn early next years means that Juno will be here until September 2020, quietly safeguarding your relationships during the professionally charged times ahead. This means the Moon's visit to your relationship sector from 19th December to 21st December a valuable chance to check in. Just as important is a Full Moon in your communication sector on 12th December and its ability to get the communication lines open and even push through communication barriers. Even more so, because matters of the heart don't have the same ongoing support, the Moon's monthly visit to your romantic sector is even more important. The Moon will make its last visit to your romantic sector for the year from 15th December to 17th December, making it important to make time to embrace these romantically charged lunar vibes.