Love Horoscope for aquarius
Because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of June in your romantic sector, the solar spotlight is always on matters of the heart and all things romantic at this time of year. Starting the month with Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication in your romantic sector is an added bonus, especially after their alignment late last month. This has already given your heart a voice and put heart and mind on the same page though they are about to go their separate ways. Unlike the four months that Venus spent here in 2020, the planet of love will leave on 3rd June, just 24 days after returning. This makes it important to listen to your heart, with blind faith if need be from the start, knowing that the romantic desires and expectations Venus will leave you with will be in safe hands. Mercury, who will normally spend just 14 to 15 days in your romantic sector each year turned retrograde late last month, something that will keep him here until early next month. Until turning direct on 23rd June, Mercury will hold the doors open to the past and second chances. This will continue to be the case, even though the Moon's visit from 9th June to 11th June and the eclipsing New Moon this will create on 10th June is all about new beginnings. Meanwhile, while things are unfolding on the romantic front, there is an exciting turn of events on the relationship front. It begins with Mars' return to your relationship sector on 12th June, beginning his first visit in two years. Mars will then spend the rest of this month and until the closing days of July helping you to fight for what you want from your relationships. Mars will be joined by Venus, who just 24 days after leaving your romantic sector will return to your relationship sector on 27th June. The planets of love and passion will end the month in your relationship sector.