Love Horoscope for aquarius
When Venus, the planet of love left Aquarius late last month she left you with the kind of romantic desires and expectations that may have felt more like wishful thinking. While Venus will usually spend at least part of your birthday month working to update your desires and expectations for the coming year, for the first time in 12 years Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is here. Jupiter expands what he touches and that includes Venus' desires and expectations, causing you to expect more than might have seemed possible at the time. This might still feel like wishful thinking as you move into the new month, with Venus gone and nothing to hold onto except for blind faith. However, this is something that is definitely worth holding onto, for just days in the month a chance to start turning desires into reality arrives, proving that this has been anything but false hope. This is thanks to Mars' return to your romantic sector on 4th March, bringing the first planetary activity into play and much earlier in the year than is normally the case. It is not usually until late May that the first planets return to your romantic sector, with plenty of time for Venus' desires and expectations to go off the boil. Instead, from Venus' departure from Aquarius and Mars return to your romantic sector is just nine days. This is Mars' first visit to your romantic sector in nearly two years, with the warrior planet of the cosmos returning to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit. The Moon's return to your romantic sector from 19th March to 22nd March will amplify Mars' impact, making these some of the most romantically charged days of the month. Mars is here now for the rest of the month and for the first three weeks of April. Meanwhile, Venus' return to your communication sector on 22nd April will put her here when the Moon moves through your relationship sector from 24th March to 26th March, on hand to give your heart, emotional responses and relationships a voice.