Career Horoscope for virgo

Even though there might not be a lot of movement or change on the job or career fronts there is a lot of depth and behind the scenes, preparations are underway for a major turnaround. This is something that is happening in slow motion and it might be that it is not until months later that you look back at this time and see it as the point when everything started to change. Even without that change or turnaround this still has the potential to be a very good month across the income, work and career fronts. There is an abundance of planetary activity on the income front and the right planetary activity on the job and career fronts to support this. The reason why there might be a lack of movement is that you not only start the month with Jupiter and Saturn still in retrograde motion in your work sector but with both slowing down to a point where they are barely moving. At the same time while she is in direct motion in your career sector, even the dwarf planet Ceres is slowing down though for a different reason. Two months into her first visit in four years and of a mission to update your professional needs and priorities, Ceres is slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn on 9th October that will keep her here for the rest of the year. {ads_delimiter} This comes at the same time that Jupiter and Saturn are slowing down ahead of direct turns that will see them come out of hibernation. It is Saturn's direct turn on 11th October and Jupiter's on 18th October that will take the brakes off work and job matters. While it will take a while for both to build up speed, with Jupiter leaving in December and then not returning for another 12 years, the planet of luck and expansion won't want to dawdle for long. This is the point where the pace will begin to increase, slowly at first and then exponentially faster as the days and weeks pass. The Moon's return to your work sector from 14th October to 16th October will ensure you have an intuitive read on work and job matters in the middle of that transition phase.