Career Horoscope for virgo
The dynamics of this professional year are changing and it will happen in real time over the course of the month. The month begins with Mars having just left your career sector a week earlier, giving things a chance to settle and play out before Mercury returns on 4th May to begin what is usually the first planetary activity on the career front for the year. Instead, with the momentum from the seven weeks that Mars has just spent here, Mercury returns with the intellectually savvy edge needed to take a more practical and strategic approach, ahead of Venus' return on 9th May and the Sun's return on 21st May. Mercury will usually move through your career sector in 14 to 15 days so should be gone by the time the Sun returns but instead, a retrograde turn will keep him here until July. This is a shift from Mars' hot headed enthusiasm on the career front to Mercury's cold headed determination, with Venus returning to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. The Sun will always return to your career sector at the same time each year but will return on 21st May to find that things are already unfolding. Meanwhile, there are even bigger changes on the job front, with Jupiter leaving your work sector on 14th May, less than five months after returning for what is usually a 12 month visit. Jupiter will return at the end of July to harvest the seeds he is planting now, but his departure will see the urgency drop right back. This is partly because with Jupiter gone, Saturn will naturally want to play a more measured game but mainly because his retrograde turn on 23rd May will put the brakes on. This will be a chance to pull back and on the job front, return to the drawing board or just work more quietly behind the scenes while the forward momentum will continue on the career front.