Career Horoscope for virgo
While the Sun and Venus both left your work sector in the latter part of February you have yet to reach the separation point, where the launch of this new professional year ends and the journey itself begins. Held back by a retrograde phase Mercury, who returned for what should have been a 14 to 15 day visit in early January, is still here. Normally you will have just two weeks to work with Mercury's intellectually savvy and articulate edge to work smarter, get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. Instead, two months on Mercury is still here and won't finally leave until 16th March. This is the point when, on the job front anyway, the push to get things up to speed ends and the journey begins. Normally, this is the point where you would be left with no planetary activity on the job front for the year but with Saturn here until 2023 and Jupiter spending the first and last five months of 2021 in your work sector, this whole year will remain expansive. However, Saturn and Jupiter are playing a long game, so 16th March is the point when you will have a chance to ease back. {ads_delimiter}This should be the point where a busy pace ends but this is just one factor in this extraordinary professional year, a year that has another surprise up its sleeve. Apart from extraordinary circumstances like having Saturn and Jupiter in your work sector, the most active months of any year on the job front are January and February and on the career front, it is May and June. That is because this is when the Sun, Venus and Mercury move through and as they won't return to your career sector until May, this usually gives you time to let work and job matters settle before looking at new career developments. However, as if having the two most powerful planets in the solar spotlight in your work sector isn't enough, on 4th March Mars will return to your career sector for the first time since early 2019. Mars does not play a long game, with his return a chance to fire things up on the career front and in a more driven and impassioned way than anything seen on the job front so far this year. So buckle up because instead of slowing down, this professional year is set to accelerate.