monthly Career Horoscope for virgo

While the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in your income sector and this has the potential to be the most lucrative point in any year, there is usually one big problem with this. That problem is the lack of planetary activity in either of your two professional houses at the time. With the Sun and the faster planets making January and February the most active months of any year on the job front and April and May on the career front, there is rarely anything for income potential to stick to other than the momentum already created. However, welcome to 2022, the year that has well and truly broken the mould. For the second year in a row and for the last time for another decade, when the Sun, Mercury and Venus returned to your income sector it was to find Saturn in your career sector. Saturn might be in retrograde motion but having him here and what he has already helped you to invest means that there is something for income potential to launch off. However, for the first time in 15 years, when the Sun and the faster planets returned to your income sector this year it was to find Mars in your work sector, loading your bases across the income, work and career fronts. Mars is normally only in your work sector for six weeks and as he has been here that long as you move into the new month, the warrior planet of the cosmos should be about to leave. Instead, Mars is slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn on 31st October that will not only keep him here for the rest of the year but until March 2023. With Saturn in your career sector until March as well and the two set to work in tandem over the next six months, far from a quiet point in this professional year this is one of the most powerful points professionally in a decade. Evidence of that can be felt from the start, with Mars and Saturn starting the month at a friendly aspect.