Career Horoscope for virgo
Whether you are one of the millions around the world who now has to work from home, whether your job has changed or if everything is exactly the same as it has been, there is change in the air. You begin the month with Mars and Saturn in your work sector and this is the first time those words have appeared in the same sentence for you, since 1994. Mars and Saturn are two very different energies and because they will begin the month aligned there is a chance to put their different energies on the same page, at least for a brief period of time. This is a chance for these two very different planets to take a 'divide and conquer' that provides options. Saturn is already slowing down ahead of the retrograde turn that will take him back out of your work sector again in July. Saturn will always take a slow and pedantic approach and even more so this time. However, Saturn is not here to progress things and instead to observe, take note of what challenges or barriers you face and all the other information that will prove vital when he returns with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in December. Until he leaves in mid May, Mars is waiting for nothing. Mars is here to make things happen now and as he won't return until 2022, after Jupiter has been and gone, he is here to seize opportunities now. This is where you have options. If there are opportunities to be seized and progress to be made you have Mars to work with and this can be fully exploited. If you are being forced to pull back or wait, then you have Saturn to work with. Flying right down the middle of the two is Venus, whose return to your career sector on 4th April was always going to see her fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. However, here for four months instead of the 24 days she will normally spend here, even she is giving you options to play a short or a long game.
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