Career Horoscope for virgo

Several different moving parts all come together at the same time to make this a stunning month across the income, work and career fronts and especially in the second half of the year. To begin with, this is just being felt on the professional front, with Jupiter in his first full month back in your work sector and the dwarf planet Ceres spending her first full day in your career sector in four years on 1st August. At this stage, Ceres' return to update your professional needs and priorities and Jupiter's return to explore and exploit untapped job potential is happening independently of each other. What will act as a bridge between and create the complete package is Venus' early return to your income sector on 16th August, over a month before the Sun returns each year. Venus is the first in a line up of planets, including Mercury's return on 30th August and the Sun and Mars' return next month. With Mercury here until November, Jupiter back in your work sector until December and Ceres in your career sector until December as well, income, work and career potential will go hand in hand over the coming months. To start with there is no direct contact between Ceres on the career and Jupiter and Saturn on the job front but Venus' return will change that. As the planets return to your income sector, starting with Venus on 16th August, they will form a friendly aspect to all three, creating a bridge and acting as a go between. While this is the key to energising things across the income, work and career fronts and this will be a huge boost professionally it works both ways. As Venus returns to begin the most potentially lucrative months of 2021, she has the support of planets on the job and career fronts to draw on.
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