monthly Career Horoscope for gemini

While this is a fairly quiet month on both the job and career months, this is the calm before the storm and a chance to catch your breath before things fire up on both fronts and in a spectacular way. For now, while there has been no planetary activity in your work sector this year, the South Node has been here since January, quietly keeping things on track but also biding its time, waiting for the Sun's return next month and the solar eclipse this will trigger. At the same time, since Jupiter left your career sector in May, Neptune and the asteroid Juno have kept things on track but with both in retrograde motion, they are taking advantage of this lull to backtrack and regroup. This month won't be too much different to last month except that you no longer have Venus in your income sector. Apart from that it is business as usual but with a chance to pull back as you prepare for some major changes on both fronts. Next month will not only see the Sun, Venus and Mercury all return to your work sector, beginning the first planetary activity on the job front this year but having the South Node here will turn a New Moon here later next month into a solar eclipse. {ads_delimiter}Eclipses give a New Moon a lot more power, mainly because it is a trigger for everything that the South Node has been working towards. However, what will make the timing auspicious is that it will come just as Jupiter retrogrades back into your career sector, where he will spend just under two months tying up loose ends and bringing things home. Coming up are not just the most significant months of the year on the job and career fronts but some of the most significant in decades, with September a chance to prepare for what lies ahead and to take advantage of a chance to not only explore your options so you are ready to hit the ground running but with a chance to first go back over old ground. This also makes the Moon's visits to your two professional houses a lot more important. The Moon will move through your work sector from 1st September to 3rd September, giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters as you move into the new month while returning from 28th September to 30th September to do the same. This time, it will be for the last time before the Sun returns. Meanwhile, a visit to your career sector from 9th September to 11th September will create a Full Moon on 10th September, something that could act as a trigger and a catalyst for both job and career matters.