Career Horoscope for gemini

Starting the month with five planets still in your career sector, even though it has been nearly six weeks since the Sun left is not only keeping things active much further into the year than is normally the case, it is only now that things are coming together. The month not only begins with Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics aligned in your career sector but just days after Venus also aligned with dreamy Neptune. Venus is the planet of desire and expectations and Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, with their first alignment here in over a decade getting the month off to an auspicious start. With Venus leaving on 3rd May and Jupiter on 11th May, they will be working to make their final days here count, with the very real potential for professional growth and expansion. However, it is once Venus and Jupiter leave that there could have been the potential for things to drop off. That won't be the case and not just because here until 25th May, Mars will continue to fire things up and as the warrior planet of the cosmos will fight to exploit the momentum already gained. However, what gives this even more longevity was the asteroid Juno's return late last month. While only a minor player and overshadowed by the more dominant planets Juno, the queen of commitment is here now until January 2023 and she will stay on to keep you committed, while Neptune will stay on to keep the dream alive. It is just three days after Jupiter leaves on 11th May that the Moon will not only return to your work sector on 14th May but to begin the lead up to a Full Moon here on 16th May. This is no ordinary Full Moon and instead a total lunar eclipse. With Mars still in your career sector and the dwarf planet Ceres returning to your income sector on 15th May, this will energise things across the income, work and career fronts.