Career Horoscope for aries

October is the month when you get to catch your breath, an interlude between two parts of a play where the stage crew can rearrange the stage while you get to take a break during the intermission. The act that has just finished is the months of planetary activity on the job front, starting with Mars' return in July and ending with the Sun's departure from your work sector on 23rd September. These can be the busiest months of any year but even more so with Mars having made his first visit in two years. This has created a lot of momentum but with no more planetary activity on the job front, you have the monkey off your back and with no need to reinvent the wheel. Meanwhile, while the Sun doesn't return to your career sector until just before Christmas each year and the final and early weeks of any year are when the solar spotlight is on your career and professional situation, matters and options, things are set to get off to an early and exciting start in early November. This is when Venus will return for what is usually a 24 day visit aimed at fuelling your professional confidence, attracting opportunities and steering things in a lucrative direction. {ads_delimiter}Instead, a retrograde turn will keep Venus here until March, with Mars joining her in the New Year to make the final two months of 2021 and the first three months of 2022 potentially game changing. October is a firebreak between a busy three months on the job front and the start of an exciting five months on the career front but it is also a time of transition. The month begins with Pluto, the planet of change and revolution in retrograde motion in your career sector, as he has been since April. This is giving you a chance to reflect on this professional year so far and also to tie up loose ends, with his direct turn on 7th October a chance to shift your focus as you start to line up for the next chapter. It is while Pluto is in retrograde motion that the Moon will make its first visit to your work sector since the Sun left, making 3rd October to 6th October an important few days for getting your bearings across the income, work and career fronts.